Flowcor® for performance monitoring

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Monitor your TETRA network's performance

Monitor and report network traffic

Flowcor® will visualise how much of the network traffic is generated by each organization. You see the network traffic usage per organization and you will know exactly who is using the network and how much!

Flowcor is easy to use and integrate, and it helps future-proof your network.

  • Easy to use: Reporting and searching network traffic through web browser
  • Easy to integrate: DXT integration only a must
  • Future-proof: An integral part of the Airbus product portfolio: Flowcor development is in synch with TETRA system development.

Flowcor®  is a new performance monitoring tool for TETRA network operators/owners - for organizations responsible for the operation and management of TETRA system infrastructure.

Flowcor delivers the following, for example:

  • A complementary solution for monitoring TETRA network traffic based on TETRA Call Data Record (CDR) data
  • Makes it possible to search within CDR data, This supports the network operator’s troubleshooting activities.



How does Flowcor work?

The main functions of the Flowcor network monitoring tool are:

  • It collects CDRs from either DXTs or from Taira TETRA Servers (online transfer).
  • It stores the collected CDRs into a centralized database.
  • Based on the collected data, it generates reports.
  • It can also be used to run an ad-hoc Search within the collected CDR data.

Download datasheet

Flowcor in more detail

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