Digital radio for professionals

Tetrapol networks

Meeting the needs for secure radio communication

Tetrapol is a secure mobile radio communication system for professional users.

  • Delivers voice and data services
  • Provides end-to-end encryption
  • Architecture designed for multiple organisations’ use.

Tetrapol strengths

  • Very resilient to interference. This translates to great service efficiency
  • Good radio coverage
  • Organizations can use and manage their own encryption keys
  • Distributed and flexible IP based architecture.

What about the future?

Public safety organisations are facing an increasing need for larger data capacities. See on this video how Tetrapol systems are evolving to cope with the new needs.

Tetrapol facts



  • 68 Tetrapol networks
  • 850 000 radio users served
  • 460 million people protected over 11 000 000 km2

System features

  • Group calls
  • One-to-one calls
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Communication between radios (Direct Mode)
  • Emergency communication
  • Geo-localization

See this on video

First responders depend on their radios for critical communications. This video explains how the use of professional mobile radio benefits the public safety sector.

Tetrapol around the world

Airbus has years of experience in delivering radio communication systems into operation. These are just a few examples of Tetrapol networks.

Customer stories

Tetrapol is in operation in:

  • INPT, nationwide public safety network in France
  • PEGAS, nationwide public safety network in the Czech Republic
  • POLYCOM, nationwide public safety network in Switzerland
  • SIRDEE, nationwide public safety network in Spain
  • SITNO, nationwide public safety network in Slovakia.
Is this the highest Tetrapol station in the world?

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A hybrid Tetrapol and LTE network is the preferred solution to meet the needs for reliable, mission critical communications and for new multimedia services.

This white paper discusses the evolution of mission critical communications and the options there are for mission critical mobile broadband. It also explains how the transition to broadband can best be managed.

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What is the best way to build a hybrid Tetrapol and LTE network? Download The bridge to broadband white paper and you will know.

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