Secure land communications / TETRA radios

TETRA radios

Easiest for communication

- designed for you

TETRA radios from Airbus are the easiest to use. They are designed for you for voice and data communication. They work in any standard TETRA digital radio system.

Airbus TETRA radios have


Manage your radio fleet

Taqto® 2 smart terminal manager is the smart tool for managing and configuring

  • TETRA radios
  • Tactilon Dabat
  • TETRA Identity Modules (TSIM cards)
  • Tactilon Suite 

With Taqto your radio can be a tailor-made unit specially for your needs.

  • Configure PTT and Duty key functions, like dual PTT
  • Choose you main menu list
  • Define your own fast menu
  • Make shortcuts with function keys
  • ...and many other features

Make the radio fit your work

The Airbus radios can be programmed and tailored so that it fits the user’s needs exactly. For example, it is possible to configure the keys and the menu to fit the daily tasks. Read an Key Touch article - Create your own menu.

Thanks to the unique Java™ support, it is possible to add custom-fit applications.

Radio portfolio

Airbus TETRA radio portfolio is managed by Taqto 2:

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Use cases

What does an emergency medical doctor think of TETRA radios?

Doctor Juhani Tavasti works is a flying doctor in a Finnish hospital. He uses his TETRA radio in every mission. He reveals the most important technical device that he uses.


Live-saving communications for medical teams

Communication over TETRA has helped save lives around the world, but still people have wrong ideas about it. Real-life experiences in hospitals have busted common myths about TETRA radio communication in medical care. 

Helsinki metro using TETRA radios

Helsinki Metro Operation Control Center started to use TETRA Virve communication and they've got a significant improvement in processes. An operator from control center tells about of achieved results and future plans how to deploy the TETRA communication in metro operations.

How to be smarter about buying TETRA radios

Are you looking at how to buy TETRA radios for your organization or for your network?