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Find your optimal TETRA radio

TETRA radios from Airbus are the easiest to use. The lightweight TH1n, the powerful TH9, the intrinsically safe THR9i, the dependable THR880i+, the TMR880i mobile radio, and Tactilon Dabat, the hybrid TETRA+LTE device – they all work in any standard TETRA digital radio system.

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How to be smarter about buying TETRA radios

Easiest for communication - designed for you

TETRA radios from Airbus are the easiest to use. They all have

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17 reasons to love your Airbus radio

What is the best TETRA radio?

Your radio is your lifeline. You have to trust it – and here are 17 reasons you can love your radio as well. Choose TETRA radios from Airbus: they are trustworthy, rugged, easy to use …with so many features and functions to love!

Airbus radio makes your day!

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Pick the best device for you

Whatever the job or situation, there is a TETRA radio or device to meet your needs. Already a user? Get started with these TETRA radio user guides.

Security person with TH9 TETRA radio

The rugged choice for field operations

Designed for mission-critical users. Police, firefighters, crisis management, and security personnel usually prefer the larger, more traditional design of the TH9 handheld. Guards, transportation services and ground handling crews at airports are other typical users of the TH9 TETRA radio.

TH1n TETRA radio in a shoulder holder

Need to stay discreet? This is the radio for you.

TH1n slimline TETRA radio fits in your pocket. It is the favourite for healthcare and social service workers, but police officers also welcome a smaller radio. The TH1n is an excellent radio for airport staff at check-in, at the departure gates, or at the office. In fact, most users working indoors prefer the light-weight, pocket-size TH1n.

Need both TETRA and LTE? Choose this hybrid device.

Tactilon Dabat is the world’s first smartphone and full TETRA radio in one device. It is a dual-mode device with Android features and special ergonomics for radio use. It is a smart, strong and secure device for public safety. 

The professional apps from the apps ecosystem are a huge step for public safety users. 


The TMR880i is your mobile radio

TETRA mobile radio TMR880i is a good choice for your vehicle or office. The two-part design makes it easy to set up the TMR880i in many ways, to work in

  • Fire engine
  • Truck
  • Police car
  • Ship or boat
  • Motorcycle or snowmobile
  • Office

Stay focused. Use this radio without looking.

The THR880i plus handheld has a unique, 2-sided design that no other radio can offer.

The phone side has the colour display and number keys. The radio side is for more traditional PMR use with a rotary selector.


Best choice for hazardous environments

THR9 Ex is an ATEX radio for hazardous environments. Are you looking for a TETRA radio that is safe to use when working on airport fuelling, on oil plants, gas pipelines, or on refineries?

The THR9 Ex is safe to use in explosion-prone areas where sparks or overheating could endanger the user's live. These professionals deserve the Ex-tremely safe TETRA THR9 Ex radio.

P8GR TETRA pager worn on the belt

Reach your staff better with two-way paging

The P8GR is much more than a beeper! Instead, it is a two-way pager and it can solve your paging problem.

The P8GR pager is perfect for volunteer and on-duty firefighters, rescue and relief forces, as well as hospital and maintenance staff. When additional resources need alerting, the P8GR is the right tool for the job.

TW1m TETRA modem

Transferring voice and data securely

Are you looking for a powerful device to transfer data over the TETRA network? Are you transferring crucial data that needs to be done securely and in real-time?

The TW1m TETRA modem is for voice and data. It is designed for solutions that require high availability, extreme security and low energy consumption. TW1m is optimal for narrowband IoT solutions.

Manage your radios – and more

Taqto® smart radio manager lets you manage thousands of radios with a single click. You can update their software, or set new parameters. You no longer have to send the radios to a service point for updates. Taqto works securely over an IP connection.

Even more, you can programme and tailor your radios so that they fit the users' needs exactly. For example, it is possible to configure the keys and the menu to fit the daily tasks.

Thanks to the unique Java™ support, it is possible to add custom-fit applications.

Radio portfolio

Airbus TETRA radio portfolio is managed by Taqto:

Choose your accessories

Are you looking for TETRA radio accessories? There is a range of TETRA radio accessories and versatile carrying solutions, such as belt clips, chargers, earpieces, holders, headsets and batteries.

Take a look at the accessory catalogue and tailor your radio. A well-equipped radio is a pleasure to use.

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Hybrid TETRA and broadband solutions

Tactilon Dabat hybrid device showing video on screen

Hybrid device – a smartphone and radio in one

Tactilon Dabat is your hybrid device for critical connectivity. Because it combines the functions of a mission-critical radio and a smartphone into a single device, it eliminates the drawbacks of carrying two devices.

Learn more from the Tactilon Dabat product page

The first organizations are already using this hybrid device. See if Tactilon Dabat would suit your operations, too:

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Tactilon Agnet smart push-to-talk solution

Secure group communication in your smartphone

Tactilon® Agnet brings secure group communication to your smart devices.

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With Tactilon Agnet, smart device users become part of the professional world – voice, data, video and location services are all at hand with the reliability and security that professional users expect.

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Why should TETRA users be interested in Tactilon Agnet?

Tactilon® Agnet 800 lets smartphone users communicate in TETRA groups, easily and securely, with mission critical level of quality and security


Tactilon Agnet 800 and TETRA radios work together

Watch this video to learn more.


Seamless communication

Smartphone and radio users can talk together

Tactilon Agnet 800 is an app that lets smartphone users communicate in TETRA groups at the touch of a button. It is perfect for connecting people vital to an operation easily and securely, even when they are using different devices and technologies.

Learn more about the Tactilon Agnet 800 solution.

Seamless TETRA interoperability

Tactilon Agnet 800 is fully integrated into the Airbus TETRA system and broadband services. On this video, you'll discover how smartphone users and radio users can  communicate in the same groups.

How to use your smartphone as you would use your radio?

On this video, you'll discover practical examples in tailoring your smartphone for working

  • in a noisy environment
  • in an explosion-prone area
  • in an undercover operation.

Discover how to use your smartphone with your Tactilon Agnet 800 as you would use your radio. Watch this video now!

Benefit from familiar user experience

On this video, Jaakko Tolppanen from Airbus explains how professional users can use their smartphone as they would use their radio.

3 tips you need to read

1. The best way to boost Direct Mode range may surprise you! 

It seems obvious that the more output power a PMR radio has, the further it will reach in Direct Mode. However, more radio power will not give you a much better range in DMO!

2. Do you know the secret about Watts in your PMR radio? (Nobody else will tell you)

Many people have the wrong idea about how powerful their PMR radios need to be. They think that more Watts in output power will ensure maximum coverage. If you think so, think again!

3. Do you have this wrong idea about IP protection ratings for mobile devices?

What do you think - which radio has better protection against dust and water, one classified IP65 or another rated IP67? IP67, right? Because the number is bigger? Wrong. A radio with IP67 rating is not necessarily better for you than one rated IP65.

4 special features

Choose Airbus TETRA radios and take advantage of these special features that can save money (and even lives).

Lifeguard - the advanced man-down feature

Save the radio user's life

How would you get help if something knocked you down when working alone? Who would know that you just faced a 'man down' situation?

Lifeguard is the advanced man-down feature in TETRA radios from Airbus. It will notice

  • if your radio stops moving, or
  • if your radio stays horizontal too long.

When it notices this, it will send an alarm to a predefined destination, like a dispatcher.

TETRA radio night vision feature

Adapt your display to your working

Do you work at night? Or in the dark?

Choose TETRA radios from Airbus - they support the special Night Vision mode. Night Vision switches the radio screen to a darker colour scheme. It also decreases the brightness of the screen.

Do not lose your "night eyes". Your vision stays sharp thanks to the Night Vision mode.

Security person using TH1n TETRA radio

Use the radio without looking

The Voice Feedback feature helps you use the radio without looking. For example, the radio can tell you

  • Which group you just selected
  • Which mode you switched to – DMO or TMO
  • Which action on the Fast Menu you chose.

Voice Feedback will let you focus on the task in hand, rather than on your radio.

Where are you feature in Airbus TETRA radio

Know where your colleagues are

Have you ever needed to know where and how far your colleagues are from you? Did you wish for a simple and quick way to find out?

There is a simple and quick way: the 'Where are you' function in your radio. You get the answer as quickly as your colleague can press the push-to-talk key.

Your radio will display an arrow that points to his direction. You can also see how far he is in that direction.

What the radio users say

TETRA's greatest advantages are its flexibility, versatility and ability to get in touch with other authorities.

Markku Kari
The Chief Operator at Helsinki City Transport's metro control center

I also like the radio’s hands-free capabilities, which makes it very convenient and efficient when making regular group calls.

Ari Nikki
An accident and emergency department nurse at Finland’s Satakunta First Aid Centre

Skillful staff, good event organization and well working communication tools makes the rally real safe.

Jari Wilén
Head of Security for Neste Rally Finland

TETRA saves time, makes the job more enjoyable and saves lives.

Jari Hirvonen
Nurse, E&A, North Karelia Central Hospital in Finland

Everyone working in the field has a TETRA radio for quick and reliable calls.

Henning Sletvold
Team leader at Oslo’s agency for Urban Environment

I think the Airbus RAKEL radio is stable. It is robust. The unit that’s used out in the field can be dropped and it will still work. It can cope with damp and it’s easy to use.

Patric Bränderson
Clinic administrator, Ambulance services in Sörmland, Sweden

TETRA improves patient safety and speeds up treatment, cutting overall cost for the hospital.

Auli Virtanen
Nurse, A&E, Vaasa Central Hospital in Finland

I need to be able to explain to a very young staff very quickly how it works. For us, this is actually the best.

Benedikt Franke
Chief Operating Officer, Munich Security Conference 2019

We have been using TETRA now for nine months. It is easy to use, clear communications, good design.

Adil Al Jariri
Duty Manager, Fire Services, Dubai International Airport

Without TETRA, we would have to call the laboratory 200 times a day.

Kenneth Nilsson
Nurse, Vaasa Central Hospital in Finland

Even if we need to communicate about a routine situation that needs to go to everyone in the area, such as road works or a construction site, TETRA is extremely useful.

Jussi Lång
The Chief Security Officer for KIP Service, Kokkola Industrial Park, Finland

With the additional TETRA radios, we can communicate directly with the team. Duty officers, supervisors and team leaders can broadcast a message to the whole team at once, instead of calling forty numbers one-by-one.

Jassim Mohammad
Trolley management, Dubai International Airport

A TETRA radio means we can get in touch quickly. Several people around the hospital can be notified at once.

Tomas Bodman
Assistant Head Nurse, Vaasa Central Hospital in Finland

Use cases

What does an emergency medical doctor think of TETRA radios?

Doctor Juhani Tavasti works is a flying doctor in a Finnish hospital. He uses his TETRA radio in every mission. He reveals the most important technical device that he uses.

Live-saving communications for medical teams

Communication over TETRA has helped save lives around the world, but still people have wrong ideas about it. Real-life experiences in hospitals have busted common myths about TETRA radio communication in medical care. 

Helsinki metro using TETRA radios

Helsinki Metro Operation Control Center started to use TETRA Virve communications and they've got a significant improvement in processes. An operator from control center tells about of achieved results and future plans on how to deploy TETRA communications in metro operations.

Useful tips for buying radios

How to solve TETRA radios buyers’ top 5 problems

What is your biggest challenge when buying TETRA radios? That's the question we put to our readers. Hundreds responded. Their answers are revealing.

It seems there are five top issues radio buyers face, from getting best value for money to ensuring total security.

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Clearly, you need to identify a list of important criteria and tasks to ensure the right solution.

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5 things you need to stop asking in your radio RFP/RFQ

So you want to buy new radios for use on your TETRA network. You’ll probably have read lots of good advice already, telling you to do this and that if you want to get the ones that are right for you.

But, what about the things you shouldn’t do?

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