TETRA radios

Easiest for communication

TETRA radios from Airbus Defence and Space are the easiest to use. They are designed for you for voice and data communication. They work in any standard TETRA digital radio system.

How to make sure you get the TETRA radios you need

If you’re a Project Manager, a Technical Project Manager, Procurement Manager or Project Sponsor looking at how to buy TETRA radios for your organization or for your network, the "How to be smarter about buying TETRA radios" eBook is a great place to start.

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Airbus DS TETRA radios have

The most popular radios:

TH1n slimline TETRA radio for medical professionals
TH1n TETRA radio for police
Tactilon Dabat, a smartphone and TETRA radio in one hybrid device

Tactilon Agnet brings push-to-talk to smart devices 

Tactilon Agnet App is a professional PTT application. It is great for officers, medical professionals, volunteers. Metro companies, airports, and factory sites can also benefit.


Tactilon Agnet is a professional push-to-talk application


There is a range of TETRA radio accessories and versatile carrying solutions. Take a look at the accessory catalogue and tailor your radio. A well-equipped radio is a pleasure to use.

Open TETRA accessories catalogue

TETRA radio accessories

Robust TETRA handhelds

TH1n slimline TETRA radio fits in your pocket.
TH9 designed for mission-critical users.
THR9 Ex is intrinsically safe radio for hazardour environments.
THR880i handheld has 4 sides of communications.
THR9i is a robust handheld.

TH1n radio is a great choice for security personnel

TETRA covert

TETRA covert solution is based on the TH1n slimline TETRA radio. Because the TH1n is very small, it can easily be hidden inside clothing.

TETRA covert solution based on TH1n

TETRA pagers

P8GR active TETRA pager is much more than a beeper!

P8GR active TETRA pager

TETRA mobile radio

TMR880i mobile radio for cars, motorbikes and other vehicles


TMR880i TETRA mobile radio

TETRA data devices

The TW1m TETRA modem is for voice and data. It is designed for solutions that require high availability, extreme security and low energy consumption. TW1m is optimal for narrow-band IoT solutions.

The TDM880i data module gives power for your data communications. Use it to track a fleet of buses or other vehicles, for example.

TDM880i TETRA data module

Manage your radio fleet

Taqto® 2 smart terminal manager is the smart tool for managing and configuring

  • TETRA radios
  • TETRA Identity Modules (TSIM cards)
  • Tactilon Suite 
Taqto smart terminal manager

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