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Tactilon Dabat

Tactilon Dabat is a hybrid device - the world’s first smartphone and full TETRA radio in one device.

TETRA radios

You will find the easiest to use TETRA radios from the Airbus portfolio. They will work in any standard TETRA digital radio system.

TETRA paging - P8GR

The P8GR active TETRA pager is much more than a beeper! It is a two-way pager and can solve your paging problem.

TETRA paging - Taqto

Taqto 2 terminal manager is the single tool that lets you manage the entire fleet of P8GR TETRA pagers and also other TETRA radios.

Tetrapol devices


TPH900 handheld

The TPH900 is the latest Tetrapol handheld with advanced features. These features can help officers do their jobs more easily and safely.

TPH700 Ex handheld

The intrinsically safe TPH700 Ex ATEX Tetrapol radio is designed to provide high quality voice and data communications during critical missions.

TPM700 mobile radio

The TPM700 is a mobile Tetrapol radio designed for secure voice and data communications in various types of vehicles, as well as in the office.

Tetrapol radio accessories