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Tactilon Management

Easily manage user data

Managing network users’ data, access rights and other attributes is an important task. When there are thousands of users, one just cannot do this one user at a time.

Special tools are needed for efficient management of subscribers

The Tactilon® Management tool lets you manage a mass of users’ attributes. You no longer need to manage the users one by one.

  • Saves huge amounts of time
  • Reduces workloads
  • Cuts costs

The Tactilon Management tool is efficient, flexible, secure and easy to use.

Public safety and professional organisations also need to think how to manage users that are using different networks (like TETRA and cellular broadband networks). Blog post explores how can one manage people’s rights and subscriber information consistently over several networks?

Here is the scenario:

A busy fire department finds that managing new radio users is much easier with the Tactilon Management tool. 

Video: Managing radio users is easier with Tactilon Management

Here is the scenario:

There’s heavy flooding. The police, search and rescue, and medics need to talk to each other.

Tactilon Management helps organize the radio users into talk groups. It also lets one give them the correct call rights.

Video: Tactilon Management helps tackle the tactical pressures

Here is the scenario:

People have come to the shore to see a big sailing event. In addition to the authorities, many volunteers help secure the event.

It is easy to add the volunteers as temporary radio users into the authorities’ radio communications system, thanks to Tactilon Management.

Video: What does Tactilon® Suite bring for large event security?

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