Seamless provisioning in any network

Tactilon® Management

Easily manage organizations and users

Managing network user’s data, access rights and other attributes is an important task. When there are thousands of users, one just cannot do this one user at a time.

Public safety and other professional organizations also need to think how to manage users in a hybrid environment – when people may be users of more than one communication network and may carry two different devices.

How to manage these dual users?

The answer is in the blog post “What makes a great user management tool for hybrid networks” which explains how it’s possible to manage subscribers and their rights consistently over several networks.

Tactilon Management  is a centralized provisioning and tactical management tool for multiple access technologies. Mass provisioning and management ensures a seamless mission-critical service.

The best tool for the purpose

Tactilon Management enables you to control and manage organizations, groups and subscribers. You can use it for your TETRA/Tetrapol radio users, your hybrid device users and your smartphone users, no matter which network they subscribe to.

Note that this tool can also manage Tactilon Agnet push-to-talk service users.



In control with Tactilon Management

Tactilon Management meets three critical needs for professional organizations:

  • How to manage user data securely and efficiently over several technologies such as broadband, TETRA, and Tetrapol.
  • How to provision users and rights efficiently and en masse.
  • How to manage a variety of situations tactically.

Several technologies - no problem

Organizational control is one of the key aspects of professional and public safety communications. One management solution to manage users in any network and for critical push-to-talk services is a substantial help, and the existing provisioning of organization, groups and users can be reused with new broadband services.

Tactilon Management is 3GPP compliant and ensures that your legacy PMR network and the broadband networks can work smoothly together.

Mass provisioning - no problem

Tactilon Management is a tool for managing a mass of users’ attributes. You no longer need to manage the users one by one – or with a different tool for each network. Choose Tactilon Management for your subscriber management and you can:

  • Save huge amounts of time
  • Reduce the workload
  • Save money.

Tactical management - no problem

Tactical management is the administrative process of selecting the most appropriate ways and means to achieve an objective. In other words, it allows one to choose the best tactics and methods for each situation. You won't have to follow a single standard procedure strictly: instead, you can adopt another standard procedure in a flexible way.

Tactilon Management together with the Viewcor network analyzer and RCS 9500 dispatching solution help you in tactical management during major events, for example.

More secure

Tactilon Management offers several security-enhancing functionalities, and the optional two-factor authentication (2FA) and Audit Trail are just two examples. The security functions ensure that only authorised users can access, monitor, inspect, and trace the management operations users have executed.

Use case videos

Three firefighters discussing subscriber management

Managing subscribers is easier with Tactilon

Case: making work life easier with Tactilon. Managing new radio subscribers in a busy fire department is easier with the Tactilon Management tool.
Police, medic and firefighter cooperating tactically

Tactilon helps tackle the tactical pressure

Case: cooperation between organizations when it really counts. In a critical situation - heavy flooding, for example - the police, search and rescue, and ambulances need to communicate. Tactilon Management makes it simple to organize the users into call groups and give them the correct call rights.

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