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For your convenience

You need your radio through your entire work shift. It is important that it is easy to access and carry. Carry it on your lapel, waist or shoulder – or hide it for covert operations. There is a carrying solution for all these needs.

Tailor your radio using radio accessories which include

  • Tetrapol audio accessories
  • Tetrapol power accessories
  • Tetrapol carrying solutions
  • Tetrapol installation accessories
  • Tetrapol connectivity accessories.

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A smart choice

Do you need robust, waterproof equipment or even ATEX approved special accessories? Or do you prefer a lightweight, invisible kit? Do you need a hands-free radio?

The Tetrapol radios from Airbus have a smart connection for smart accessories.

This smart connection can handle for example a speaker microphone equipped with

  • A display
  • A GPS receiver
  • A bar code reader, or
  • Shortcut keys for status messages.

All these extra possibilities are a smart choice for you. Learn more —

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