Deployable TETRA system

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Deployable TETRA System

Deployable TETRA system is a complete radio communication network. Set it up on an industrial site or at a harbour - or even into a car - and people can communicate over radio. Teams can be in touch and stay in touch, keeping the communications private and secure.

Choose deployable TETRA if you wish to

  • set a radio communication network up rapidly - or even on the move
  • decrease transmission costs of remote sites as deployable TETRA can connect to a commercial LTE network
  • easily scale the system up to support more users and/or to get larger coverage
  • decrease site costs thanks to the small size of the cabinets
  • merge your radio network cabinets with the surroundings by customising the cabinet color.

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Why deployable TETRA?

A deployable TETRA system is a great choice when you need to:
  • Set a communication network up rapidly in various circumstances
  • Communicate with and manage work teams that are on the move
  • Communicate quickly and efficiently, and one-to-one calls are not enough
  • Broadcast an important message to everyone in exceptional situations
  • Provide people with a quick way to call for help in a personal emergency
  • Prioritize people and communications in different ways

Reliable communication is essential for making the right decisions based on facts, not assumptions. Deployable TETRA solution packs the punch of a fully-featured and full-sized radio communication system. In only two rugged boxes you can fit both TETRA switch and a base station and expand from there if necessary.

Deployable TETRA System is really easy to set up and it offers multiple transmission options. Therefore it is a especially good choice for remote operations or operations on the move.

Airbus TETRA radios meet the toughest demands in the energy industry. They are easy to use and proven with an excellent track record in these and other professional applications.

Deployable TETRA System meets mission-critical requirements thanks to its enhanced redundancy. Should a network element fail, the system can continue its operation.

Vital security features include base station fall back - a base station can continue to serve the users even without a connection to the TETRA Server (or switch) - and direct mode (DMO) communication between radios.

Broadband ready

You can complement your deployable system with broadband, achieving a hybrid solution. Check the Hybrid solutions page for more information. You may also want to download this eBook which gives you 50 powerful reasons to adopt hybrid solutions.



The building blocks

The key parts of a deployable radio communication system are the TETRA Server (or switch), base stations, and TETRA radios.


The power of modern TETRA

Taira - the new TETRA Server, is the heart and brains of a TETRA network. It is based on technology you can trust. Thanks to its server hardware, it is easier for you, and saves you money and time.

The small and smart base station

The recommended base station for the deployable TETRA system is the TB3hp mini with high power. You can also choose the TB3p mini TETRA base station.


Easy to use TETRA radios

TETRA radios from Airbus are the easiest to use. They are designed for you for voice and data communications.

See the complete portfolio of easiest to use radio terminals.

Beyond secure radio communication



RCS 9500 TETRA dispatching solution

For next generation dispatching

The modern RCS 9500 dispatching solution can meet a wide variety of needs.
Tactilon Agnet app on a smartphone

Get TETRA groups into your smartphone

Extend professional push-to-talk to smartphones with the Tactilon Agnet application.
AR-C communication recorder

Retrieve a precise conversation

When you need to record conversations, the AR-C communication recorder is your choice.
ElMo network element monitor

Light-weight monitoring for the network

In addition, ElMo network element monitor lets you manage your Claricor network.

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