RCS 9500 dispatching solution from Airbus Defence and Space

RCS 9500

dispatching solution

For next generation dispatching

Radio Console System 9500 (RCS 9500) is the most modern TETRA dispatching console in the market. Control room dispatchers can use it to easily and quickly access the TETRA communication features.

You can build a user interface for your RCS 9500 so that it suits the way your organization works.

  • Choose  up to 4 touch screens with very large buttons -
  • Or choose a mouse and a keyboard -
  • And choose to see two windows – or ten!

A simple user interface can save vital seconds just when it matters the most.


It really is that easy

It is possible to custom fit the RCS 9500 user interface in just minutes

TETRA and analogue radio in one tool

RCS 9500 lets you use both TETRA and analogue radio communications. This is very useful while migration to TETRA is going on and some people in the organization are still using analogue radios.

Integration made easy

RCS 9500 can offer TETRA access to all control room applications through a simple interface. Choose this tested solution to be sure that your control room’s TETRA connection works from day one.

Get all details from the RCS 9500 dispatching solution datasheet

Open the RCS 9500 datasheet now

Can you afford another choice?

Do you prefer a dispatching solution that matches your way of operation?

If you choose a traditional dispatch application, modifications  usually require a change order project.

Each change order project will mean a separate requirement specification, a contract with the subcontractor, and significant extra cost.

RCS 9500 lets you do the modifications with no additional cost. You are in control of how you use TETRA.

What the users have said

Praise for the RCS 9500

“Rarely do you see a product that leaves you speechless!”

Antti Jeronen, Chief Inspector, Finnish National Police Board

In a multiple-hour demo, RCS 9500 met the requirements for every policing situation that Antti Jeronen proposed – just by configuring the user interface!

3 ways to use RCS 9500

Share workload with networked control rooms. Connect RCS 9500 to a TETRA Voice Gateway (TVG) and to a TETRA Connectivity Server (TCS). This is a power machine for major dispatching centres, especially in a public safety network.

RCS 9500 direct connectivity without TVG nor TCS lets you communicate in confidence. End-to-end encryption will protect your messages, from your desktop to your recipients.

Communicate effortlessly on the move! Choose RCS 9500 Wireless where vehicle and remote users can link the RCS 9500 with a TETRA radio.

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