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Hybrid device

Super connected

Tactilon Dabat with Super Connectivity (SC) is a mission critical smartphone and a TETRA radio in one. It is a hybrid device because it can operate in two kinds of mobile networks:

  • in any standard TETRA network on the 380–430 MHz frequency band
  • in private and public broadband LTE networks.

Like the original Tactilon Dabat, Tactilon Dabat SC is designed for professionals who need to make sure they stay connected. With Tactilon Dabat SC, they can rely on three networks: the TETRA network and a choice of private or public LTE network. The device will also know which of the broadband networks to prefer.

Download now: Technical specification

Super Connectivity

with Smart and Hybrid Roaming

Tactilon Dabat with Super Connectivity (SC) is designed for professionals who need to make sure they stay connected. They can rely on three networks: the TETRA network and a choice of private or public LTE network, with unique Smart and Hybrid Roaming features. The device (TD-2) will also know which of the broadband networks to prefer.

Discover a NEW experience when moving in and out of your vehicle while communicating on your smart device! Get the details on Ergo Plugin for Tactilon Dabat – download the datasheet.

How can you stay super connected between TETRA and broadband while on the move?

What does Super Connectivity mean?

Tactilon Dabat with Super Connectivity has two different roaming options: Hybrid roaming and Smart roaming.


1 Hybrid roaming

Hybrid roaming means that Tactilon Dabat SC can use a TETRA network and a broadband network. Equipped with the Tactilon Agnet 800 app, Tactilon Dabat SC can move from using the TETRA network to using an LTE broadband network or vice versa.

The original Tactilon Dabat is also capable of hybrid roaming.

Communications over Tactilon Agnet 800 are protected by a secure VPN client.


2 Smart roaming

Smart roaming is a new capability in Tactilon Dabat SC. This device can use two different broadband networks in addition to the TETRA network.

For example a private LTE network and a public broadband network.

With smart roaming, you can optimize the use of the private and public LTE networks - for example, maximize the use of the private one. The tailored solution for broadband network use can bring you savings and ensure efficient operation.

About Tactilon Dabat SC

  • For demanding professionals. Tactilon Dabat SC is powered by a 4600 mAh battery, which is long-lasting and changeable. It is a rugged device, rated both IP65 and IP67.
  • Audio, images, video. The built-in audio processing functions let you hear others loud and clear. There is a still and video camera for capturing the action.
  • TETRA groups. Because it is a TETRA radio as well as a smartphone, you can use TETRA groups in the same way as your radio-carrying colleagues.
  • Position tracking. Mapping apps and positioning solutions let your dispatcher or control room know your location.

How is Tactilon Dabat SC different from Tactilon Dabat?

The only notable difference between Tactilon Dabat and Tactilon Dabat SC is that the latter has an extra roaming option - Smart roaming in addition to Hybrid roaming.

Find the comprehensive technical details on Tactilon Dabat SC: download its technical specification. Just fill in the form on the top of this page.

It has super powers!

Tactilon Dabat with Super Connectivity boasts two 3GPP SIMs. It will prefer the private LTE network over the commercial option. Users will be connected to the private network as long as possible because that is the optional environment for them.

Hybrid roaming in action

Watch this video and learn what Hybrid roaming means. You can see it in action!

Hybrid roaming is an option that is both  Tactilon Dabat and Tactilon Dabat SC have in common.

Three great tips for you

Check this video to learn three tips that apply for both Tactilon Dabat and Tactilon Dabat with Super Connectivity.

No-one can afford to miss these!

17 reasons

Tactilon Dabat SC is also a TETRA radio

Use it to communicate with TETRA radio users. Enjoy the TETRA features and talk groups in your Tactilon Dabat SC and get the benefits of both TETRA and broadband!

This video lists the first 17 reasons to love your TETRA radio - Tactilon Dabat SC included!

Your radio keeps you connected

Watch this video: it gives 17 examples of great radio features and functions that help you with your tasks.

Video thumbnail for 17 reasons to love your Airbus radio


Manage and accessorize


Managing your devices


Taqto® is the smart solution for managing and configuring devices in Airbus systems - Tactilon Dabat devices included.

Taqto saves you time and money because you can manage many devices with a single click. You can update their software, or set new parameters - securely over an IP connection.


Accessories can make a big difference

In everyday work, it's important that your Tactilon Dabat is equipped with accessories that best suit you and your tasks. 

What are your preferences?

Browse Tactilon Dabat accessories in the online catalogue.


Ergo Plugin + Tactilon Dabat = smart vehicle solution

The Tactilon Dabat vehicle solution is based on the Ergo Plugin smart dashboard holder. It is a modular vehicle communication solution, extremely versatile and ergonomic with multiple options for various set-ups.

Learn more about the Ergo Plugin!

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How to bring hybrid devices into use?

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