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Voice Feedback

Your radio can talk to you

The Voice Feedback feature helps you use the radio without looking. For example, the radio can tell you

  • Which group you just selected
  • Which mode you switched to – DMO or TMO
  • Which action on the Fast Menu you chose.

Voice Feedback will let you focus on the task in hand, rather than on your radio.

The radio speaks your language


The Voice Feedback language is the same as the selected User Interface language on the radio. Whether you speak English, Finnish, Arabic, Bulgarian, Korean, Chinese or any of the other 20 languages available, your radio speaks the same language as you.

Voice Feedback is a unique feature that is available only in TETRA radios from Airbus Defence and Space

Only in Airbus radios


Voice Feedback in Fast Menu

Fast Menu includes the functions that you use most frequently. This way, you can do many things with only a single key press.

Voice Feedback helps you use the Fast Menu without looking. You can hear it when you for example

  • Turn scanning on or off
  • Change your profile
  • Change the mode TMO/DMO.

And a beep confirms your selection.

Very user-friendly.


Choose when to hear Voice Feedback

You can choose the profiles that use Voice Feedback and which do not. For example, the Silent profile will not use Voice Feedback by default.

Let your radio guide you with Voice Feedback when it is convenient for you.

Voice Feedback lets you use your radio eyes-free, so without looking the display. You hear your selection and a beep to confirm.



Unique Voice Feedback

The unique Voice Feedback is a standard feature in all the TETRA radio models from Airbus Defence and Space. Whether your favourite handheld radio is TH1n, TH9, THR9 Ex, THR880i plus or TMR880i mobile radio, Voice Feedback is always included.

Voice Feedback is also available in the TPH900 Tetrapol handheld radio.

If you are not familiar with this handy feature, please get in touch with an authorized distributor and ask for some radios for testing.

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