TB4 Base station

Smart evolution

What is TB4?

The thinking behind TB4 

The starting point for the TB4 have been the developments in the mission- and business critical markets. Organisations are looking into new, advanced data services in addition to the secure voice-based services that are currently in use. 

Because the hybrid base station TB4 can handle both 4G/5G and TETRA technology, it is easier and more cost-effective to them in parallel.

True innovation

Highlighting Airbus ecosystem approach

  • Partnering with Nokia who is committed to invest in TETRA
  • Highlights new features complementing the predecessor TB3
  • Offers benefits for customers using the TB3: same antenna configurations can be used with the TB4 to enable smooth introduction to networks, which means cost savings in network planning and implementation.
  • TB4 offers the very latest 5G ready -technology from cellular network solutions, such as multicarrier remote radios.
  • Depending on the configuration, TB4 offers significantly lower power consumption, longer lifetime, minimum heating/cooling

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A closer look at TB4

Closer look at this hybrid base station

Have a look at this revealing video of TB4 - a new TETRA and 4G/5G base station!

TB4 video - see the product itself!

Key benefits


Twin technology - TETRA and 4G/5G

TB4 is a hybrid base station, with both TETRA and 4G/5G technologies in one base station. This allows operators flexibility when planning their future - TB4 offers smooth evolution to broadband services.


Lower power consumption – lower OPEX

Energy efficiency of the Nokia AirScale -platform can bring significant saving for mission- and business-critical operators. Operating expenses (OPEX) play an imporant role in the long term, when the networks are used for ten or more years.  


Advanced base station site and antenna configurations

Several options possible how customers can implement the site:

  • Legacy indoor cabinet with all units in cabinet
  • Digital unit/system module indoor + remote radios closer to antenna (outdoor)
  • Digital unit/system module outdoor +remote closer to antenna (outdoor)
  • Multiple mounting options for system module and radio units (vertical, horizontal)


Optimized lifecycle of existing network investments

TB4 offers the very latest 5G ready technology from cellular network solutions, such as multicarrier remote radios. It requires
less power, offers longer lifetime ans requires minimum heating/cooling.

Capacity and flexibility

TB4 - High capacity/flexibility system module advantages

One TB4 system module can support:

  • Up to 3 TETRA base stations
  • Up to 48 LTE cells
  • System module acts as baseband hotel
  • The distance between system module and radio units can be several kilometers
TB4 system module advantages

Download datasheet

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