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Night vision

Use Night Vision in your TETRA radio

Do you work at night? Or in the dark?

Choose TETRA radios from Airbus and their special Night Vision mode. Night Vision switches the radio screen to a darker colour scheme. It also decreases the brightness.

Do not lose your "night eyes". Your vision stays sharp thanks to the Night Vision mode.

See the difference -

TH1n TETRA radio in normal daylight viewing mode and in Night Vision mode.  

Night Vision is a standard feature in all handheld TETRA radios from Airbus.

How to activate Night Vision

Activating Night Vision mode is simple

  • Use the ”Go to” menu,
  • or keep a pre-programmed number key pressed until the display changes.



Features this good should cost more -

- but they don't

Does your organization use an Airbus TETRA system? If so, choose Airbus TETRA radios and your organization can benefit from a number of synergies.
You can take advantage of these synergies and make your operations
  • more efficient
  • more effective
  • safer for field staff.
All this while keeping your capital and operational expenses low.

Get better operations … and save money.

The following are just five of the many synergy features that deliver these benefits:

Check the Airbus TETRA radios

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Night Vision and other unique features  

TETRA radios from Airbus are the easiest to use. They are designed for you for voice and data communication. They work in any standard TETRA digital radio system.

Airbus TETRA radios have, for example

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Night Vision - a better look for night time

Use your Airbus TETRA radio in the dark with Night Vision. 

Night Vision has a safety aspect – someone looking at a bright screen will take time to adapt their eyes when they look up. In that time, they could be put in danger or fail to notice some criminal activity.



Lifeguard might save your life

Lifeguard is the advanced man-down feature in Airbus TETRA radios. Lifeguard monitors your radio and it will notice 

  • if your radio stops moving, or
  • if your radio stays horizontal too long.

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