TPH900 handheld Tetrapol radio

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Powerful and compact

The TPH900 is the latest Tetrapol handheld with advanced features. These features can help officers do their jobs more easily and safely.

Have you used a P2G Tetrapol radio, or the TPH700 handheld?

The TPH900 is familiar, yet better. If you have used a Tetrapol radio before, it will be easy for you to start with the TPH900.

The radio has a new welcome screen. There is quick access to communications and a simple display of key information.

And it has the best feature set on the market.

The TPH900 belongs to the Tetrapol product family whose earlier brand names include EADS Matra, Matra radio, EADS Tetrapol, and Cassidian Tetrapol.

4 big benefits

TPH900 fits easily in the hand

  • Compact design
  • Comfortable grip

See the TPH900 presented on video.

Better battery life

  • Up to 13 hours of use
  • Fast swap – change the battery and in 20 seconds, the radio is ready again.

Nice improvements for everyday use

  • Larger Push-To-Talk button
  • Larger display
  • Larger keypad
  • Dedicated keys for adjusting the volume
  • Vibra alert

Better personal safety

The TPH900 lets you be wireless and use Bluetooth® accessories.

The GPS inside the TPH900 lets the radio be located. For example:

  • The radio can automatically send the location with the emergency call.
  • Lifeguard: the advanced Man Down function protects you in the field. It triggers an alert If the radio stops moving or stays horizontal for too long.

Do you use the TPH900 in an office?


The new office solution - TPH900 desk phone adapter combines standard telephone interface and easy access to the main radio functions.

  • The desk phone adapter is ergonomic.
  • An external antenna can improve the coverage for your radio.
  • The adapter lets you configure audio options in several ways.

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Carry and tailor your radio

You can use the TPH900 as it is. Additional accessories may bring you more benefits.

Slip it into a neck carrying case, pocket clip holder or shoulder holder, for example.

Choose your accessories —


Take a closer look at the accessories and carrying solutions developed for the TPH900.

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Expand your perimeter

Tactilon® Agnet integrates smart devices into your operational procedures

With Tactilon Agnet, you can keep your professional radio and smartphone users connected with just a touch of a button. All this with mission critical level of quality and security. It is also interoperable with your PMR network, so the TPH900 users can talk with smartphone users in a same PTT group.

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