Secure land communications / personal safety

Personal safety

Radio features for your personal safety

Your organization deserves secure, robust radios that are easy to use. The radio brings personal safety just because it lets the user to stay in touch.

In addition, a good radio will have special safety features, such as:

  • Lifeguard, the advanced man-down feature
  • Work alone feature checks periodically that user is OK
  • Where are you? which can tell you where and how far your colleagues are from you.
  • Waypoints that are sent from one radio to another. The Waypointer arrow then points to the direction of the other radio.
  • Flash messages which appear directly on the radio
Any one of these features could one day save someone´s life.

Features in action

Watch the Lifeguard in action

See how this advanced man-down feature works on radios by Airbus Defence and Space.

Or continue to the Lifeguard web page.

See how "Where are you?" works

Location solutions: the 'Where are you' feature in TH1n, THR8, THR9, THR9i and THR9 Ex radios provides automatic positioning between radio users during a call

Slimline but robust

Officers on patrol require a robust radio. The TH1n is very slim and lightweight, but even this radio can take some rough handling. Take a look!

Features this good should cost more, but they don´t

Five ways that a TETRA radio could give you better operations ... and save money.

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