Vertexmon was established in 2012 with a goal to provide cutting edge technical consulting and solutions that fit our customer needs and requirements, as well as to provide warranty repair services for after-sales service. We have completed over thousand construction, mining and infrastructure related projects. Our base motto is to provide our rich expertise in the many fields of technical solutions. We have followed our motto to the word and have grown with enormous potential within just a few years. The customers we served are satisfied with the results which we have shown with our hard work and dedication.

Our Airbus portfolio: TETRA infra, TETRA radios and accessories, Tactilon Dabat, Tactilon Agnet.

Fields of industries:  Public safety, Enterprises and industrial sites  


ICT Mall, Time Square,

511th Apartment,

Great Mongolia Street 11th 

Khoroo Khan-Uul,

Ulaanbaatar 17012



Partner Since: 2020

Accredited TETRA infra partner
Accredited TETRA radio partner
Tactilon Agnet partner

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