Convoy protection

    Situational awareness and reliable communication are vital

    Ensuring a convoy reaches its destination safely requires the commander to know where everyone is, what’s happening around them and everyone knowing what to do next. When the command centre has the same information, other assets can be called to assist when needed.

    Automatic location keeps everyone focused

    Convoy commanders need to know where their personnel are and that everyone is in the right place. Yet, using a speech channel for routine status updates consumes valuable air time and distracts people from other vital tasks. Instead, sending position information automatically keeps the command centre always informed, ready to send help the instant it’s needed.

    Secure communications throughout the convoy

    With the Deployable TETRA solution from Airbus, all convoy vehicles can stay in contact with each other, however far apart they are. With vehicle mounted solutions, the convoy can operate beyond the range of fixed base stations, without compromising on performance or operational principles.

    Scalable equipment and network

    Some convoy vehicles may not have access to the same standard of professional radio equipment. A TETRA network complemented by LTE broadband brings the same capabilities to mobile phones, ensuring all users have the same information and situational awareness.

    Should the TETRA network become unavailable, there are sophisticated standalone functionalities. And in the complete absence of the network, the radios can connect directly to one another in Direct Mode Operation (DMO).

    Benefits of convoy protection solutions

    • Situational awareness
    • Secure communication on the move
    • Radio-to-radio communications (Direct Mode)
    • Hybrid solution - possibility to use radios and mobile phones
    • Scalability

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