DXT3 TETRA switch

DXT3 TETRA switch


DXT3 is not for sale anymore

Replacement products for the DXT3 are Taira TETRA Server or the DXTA TETRA Server.

A fast and powerful TETRA switch

The DXT3 TETRA switch is a safe choice because it is mission critical and fault tolerant. It has a track record of proven resilience.

Proven in operation

The DXT3 switch uses the same telecom grade technology that today connects 1.6 billion people worldwide. It can stretch from small installations to large nationwide systems and anything in between.

It’s been set up to serve as large an area as 40,000 km2. There are several country-wide installations, too.

Connects your call faster

The DXT3 is fast: it is the only TETRA switch that can guarantee call setup in less than 0,5 seconds, no matter the size of the network. As a rule, the call setup time is around 0,3 seconds.

The DXT3 switch is at the core of TETRA Systems from Airbus Defence and Space. It handles all the main switching and management tasks in the network. It connects base stations, dispatching systems, network management centres, tracking servers, external network interfaces and other DXT switches.

The DXT3 can deliver uniform, seamless voice and data services throughout the network and even combine TETRA and LTE.

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This is why the DXT3 is so popular

The switches in the DXT family deliver savings in several ways:

Saves site space. This is because the DXT family can handle more subscribers per square metre

Lower operating expenses. The DXTs deliver performance with fewer network elements. The cost of transmission is lower. In addition, network management is easier and cost-efficient. The network and the IP elements can be managed from a central location. And there's less need for maintenance and hardware upgrades.

Less costly to set up. The DXTs are easier to install. They are scalable - you can extend the network and upgrade the capacity. What's more, they support various network topologies from fully meshed to hierarchical and mixed.

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