Case: Magister Solutions

Meet Kari Aho from Magister Solutions and learn how Airbus' SmarTWISP application developer programme can help grow their business.

Kari Aho, COO

Magister Solutions Oy

Location: Jyväskylä, Finland


Storming the Final Frontier

Making killer apps for public safety professionals is, in a sense, the “final frontier”, says Kari Aho, COO of Jyväskylä-based Magister Solutions. He says that it’s only a matter of time before authorities wise up to the app world.

“In recent years, apps have been the biggest thing out there, so it’s a pretty safe bet that they’re going to make a big breakthrough in the public sector, too,” Aho says.

Dr. Aho knows what he’s talking about, having researched the field at the University of Jyväskylä for years – and then coming up with an intriguing business idea. In 2011, Aho’s team started to develop a secure communication and management platform for smart messaging, alerting and paging. The new innovation was named Secapp (Secure Communication App).

“We had wide collaboration from the University, authorities and the corporate world to make Secapp a reality,” Aho explains.

Hit the Spot

Presently, Secapp combines commercial and TETRA communication channels (including SMS, app, voice, email, SDS) under one easy-to-use tool. Against this background, it is no wonder that authorities – such as hospitals, fire departments and police – have taken a liking to Secapp.

“When we came out with Secapp, the most frequent comment from people was probably why hasn’t this been available before,” grins Aho.

Secapp relies on network independent delivery, quick reply mechanisms, instant messaging and intelligent communication automation for exchanging information and generating situational awareness picture in a matter of seconds.

Big Picture Boost

According to Aho, the effective centralizing of different communication channels is a crucial element here, since it makes communication a lot less vulnerable to commercial network breakdowns, natural catastrophes, terrorism or limitations set by different environments.

“It’s also noteworthy that Secapp is a low-threshold deployment solution that can be taken quickly into use without any additional devices.”

From the perspective of emergency preparedness alone, Secapp is a real gamechanger, helping organizations to create operational procedures, recipient groups and escalation chains to custom templates for different situations. In case of emergency, ready-made templates can be triggered with a few clicks and the team is ready to roll:

“Assembling of alert teams is just one thing that is taken to another level,” Aho says.

Winning Formula

Last year Aho and his crew got to talking with Airbus, since there was obviously a lot of common ground between the two. Aho says that the SmarTWISP ecosystem sounded like a winner from day one:

“Together we can introduce new kind of thinking from the commercial side to the activities of the authorities, for example. Via collaboration, we can really solve the customer’s problems,” Aho believes.

Aho is excited about the chance to customize Secapp for Tactilon Dabat, talking about a “WhatsApp for the authorities”:

“Using Android as a platform, SmarTWISP can expand its impact very quickly and effectively,” he says. “Furthermore, there is an entire international community in place to help it grow.”

Aim High!

The only thing to do now is getting the product out there, Aho believes. “Once Tactilon Dabat is in the hands of the users, the apps will really take off.”

“We believe very strongly in the promise of the ecosystem and have set our targets high.”

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