TPH700 handportable Tetrapol radio

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    Robust and powerful

    The TPH700 Tetrapol radio is designed for secure voice and data communications. It can withstand extreme working conditions. It is therefore ideal for public safety users such as police officers and firefighters.

    3 big benefits


    Use the TPH700 in extreme conditions

    Professional users appreciate a robust radio. The TPH700 can handle the splashes, dust and knocks of everyday operations. It is a tough radio. For example, its electrical connectors are protected and humidity will not corrode them. The radio complies with the IP54 classification.

    Use the TPH700 in noisy environments

    When you work outdoors, you want a loud and clear radio. The loudspeaker in the TPH700 gives great sound quality even in noisy environments.

    Enjoy the ease of use

    The TPH700 has a big colour display, easy-to-use keypad and functional menus.

    Enjoy the clear, high-resolution TFT display. Texts, icons and menus are visible in daylight and in the dark.

    Make the TPH700 even easier to use by tailoring. You can program your most frequent functions into the shortcut buttons. Or customize the display to show organizations’ names.

    Use the TPH700 without wires

    The TPH700 can connect to external devices with Bluetooth. You can use wireless accessories.

    Use a bluetooth earpiece with Push-To-Talk functionality. You can keep your communications discreet.

    No wire between the radio and the audio system - convenient for officers on motorbikes.

    The Bluetooth in the TPH700 lets you have one audio connection and two data connections at the same time. Use this to connect to both GPS and a PDA, for example.

    Carry and tailor your radio

    You can use the TPH700 as it is. Additional accessories may bring you more benefits.

    Slip it into a neck carrying case, pocket clip holder or shoulder holder, for example.

    Choose your accessories —


    Take a closer look at the accessories and carrying solutions developed for the TPH700.

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