CDD Server

CDD Server

Keeps track of user data

The Configuration and Data Distribution Server, CDD Server, is a dedicated database server. A CDD Server is a necessary component in a network which includes several switches or TETRA Servers.

The CDD Server keeps track of user data across the network. In short:

  • It manages and distributes the data on users
  • It manages network-wide talk groups and group areas
  • It manages the users’ memberships in network-wide talk groups.

Small networks with a single switch or TETRA Server do not need a separate CDD Server.


Thanks to the CDD -

  • Subscribers and talk groups created using the Tactilon® Management are operational anywhere within the network
  • An authorized RCS 9500 dispatcher can see all subscribers and talk groups in the network
  • An authorized RCS 9500 dispatcher can manage talk group memberships across the whole network.

Why CDD Server

The CDD Server's counterparts in the TETRA system are

The switches in big TETRA networks have different roles. Some switches serve as home location registers (HLRs) and store the permanent user data. Other switches are visitor location registers (VLRs) and temporarily store the data on visiting users.

The CDD Servers work between the two types of switches – they are the database servers that make subscriber and talk group data accessible throughout the network.

As a result, any authorized dispatcher can get the necessary data on any user, regardless of their location in the network area.

More information

Get all details from the Configuration and Data Distribution Server datasheet -

Download your free datasheet now

Fault tolerant

The CDD Server is not involved in call setup.

  • Therefore, a transmission fault would have no effect on radio services.

Each CDD Server is fully duplicated.

  • This is why no single element fault could bring down CDD services.

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