TETRA radios in medical professions

Doctors and nurses appreciate their TETRA radios

Doctors and nurses in many Finnish hospitals use TETRA radios over VIRVE, the nationwide public safety network.

On these videos they explain how they benefit from their TETRA radios in the daily patient care.

Emergency nurse explains the amazing savings from using TETRA


Kenneth Nilsson is an emergency nurse in a Finnish hospital. On this video, he gives several practical examples of things they can now do without making any phone calls.
Can you guess how many phone calls they would make to the laboratory during one day if they didn't have VIRVE TETRA radios?


Doctor Juhani Tavasti works is a flying doctor in a Finnish hospital. He uses his VIRVE TETRA radio in every mission. He reveals it is he most important technical device that he uses.

What does an emergency medical doctor think of TETRA radios?


Why does this emergency medical doctor think communication is important?



Doctor Harri Pikkarainen is an emergency physician for a hospital in Finland. He recommends TETRA because it is fast and lets you reach many people with only one sentence. What does he consider the most important feature in TETRA communication?


Doctor Heljä Vänni from a Finnish hospital reveals her view on the foremost advantage from using VIRVE TETRA radios.

Advantages from TETRA communications for a medical doctor

How a medical doctor experiences TETRA radios


Doctor Anu Karasola uses a VIRVE TETRA radio every day. What are the situations in which she uses her radio?


Alerting a trauma team used to take a lot of time at nurse Jari Hirvonen's hospital. He explains the astonishing differences that VIRVE TETRA radios have brought to the situation.

Emergency nurse and the amazing savings from using TETRA

I never have to call a busy number again


Auli Virtanen is a nurse at a hospital in Finland. She uses VIRVE TETRA every day. On this video, she gives three reasons why other hospitals should also adopt TETRA communications.


Assistant nurse in charge Tomas Bodman works at a hospital in Finland. In this video, he explains the benefits he's gained in his work from using VIRVE TETRA radios.

What a nurse will know thanks to TETRA radios

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