BLN-6L High Capacity Battery 5500mAh - 10pcs

A 10 pcs kit of high capacity batteries for TH9.

5500mAh capacity the radio will have exceptional operational time.

Please note following:

  1. Older radios might require a software update in order to support this new high capacity battery. Minimum Software version for TH9 is 8.13-A and for THR9i and THR9  8.31-3.
  2. Older DKC-1 and DKC-6 chargers do not support charging of BLN-6L in battery charging block (Battery connected to radio is being charged). BLN-6L is fully supported by new DKC-1M and DKC-6M chargers
  3. Use of belt clip requires a riser kit to adjust for increased battery thickness of BLN-6L. Belt Clip Riser Kit (BCR-1) of 10 pieces is available with sales code HT11646AA.


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Terminal TH9

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