HFS-11 High Power Loudspeaker 15W for TMR880i

High power 15W Loudspeaker for AIRBUS TETRA mobile TMR880i 

HFS-11 Loudspeaker is made for demanding vehicle and indoor use cases as optional solution to HFS-10 loudspeaker

This High power loudspeaker can be used in more noisy environment or optionally for other uses cases when it provides better audio quality, more flat audio response as well more audio power than HFS-10.  The rated power is 15W and it’s max power is limited to 20W and impedance is 4Ω.

It should be noted that the overall audio power is thus limited to what the TMR880i external audio output can support 

Ordering code: HR10900AA, HFS-11 


-2m cable included with Molex connector

1 pcs

Compatibility notes:

It can be used optional external loudspeaker with TMR880i : Vehicle installation or DK-office kits 

HFS-11  is connected to the radio system cable CA-105  external loudspeaker connector. No external power supply required, it take it’s power from the radio. 


Sales code
TMR880i, Terminal Accessories
Dimensions (HxWxD in cm)
13,17 x 11,92 x 5,92
Cable Length - Nominal (cm)
Loudspeaker Performance

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