Call Out application screen

Call-out over TETRA

Alerting just got easier

Call-out over TETRA makes it easier and faster to alert people and call them to duty.

What’s more, Call-out over TETRA works in two directions

  • The alert goes out to people 
  • They see and hear the alert and can respond.

Alerting, radio dispatching, mapping and operational management of users, field units and groups can fit into one workstation.

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If you use a TETRA system from Airbus, you can take advantage of two-way messaging. Two-way messaging gives more possibilities to develop new ways to manage operations.

Radios can work as pagers

Call-out works with all Airbus TETRA radios and with the P8GR active TETRA pager, of course.

The radios support Call-out in full, and this makes it easy for the radio user to manage his tasks. He can acknowledge and confirm the status of each task. He can also report the tasks as completed.

One-way alerting has a serious drawback

One-way alerting means that the control room can alert staff on call but they cannot know who will be available.

Call-out over TETRA is two-way

Call-out over TETRA works in two directions. The control room will get the responses. They will have real information on who is available.

And there is more

Some tasks are more critical than others.

  • Call-out lets you set up the tasks into 16 levels.
  • Each level can have a specific alert tone and volume.
  • People will know from the alert itself just how serious it is.

Call-out over TETRA lets you set up secure and available paging without a new paging network. Mission-critical voice and data as well as alerts can use the same TETRA network. There is no must for new paging devices, either – even though a P8GR active TETRA pager is great for this purpose.

Video: See how Call-out over TETRA works 

Call-out over TETRA can help you to manage a task, the status of users – and the whole operation

Video: P8GR pager in action


P8GR active TETRA pager

P8GR active pager is much more than a beeper! Instead it is a two-way pager and can solve your paging problem.

Part-time, volunteer firefighters can carry the P8GR wherever they go. They can be reached whenever needed.

Alert your regular on-call crew and volunteers

Looking for ideas to use Call-out over TETRA?

Read how TETRA paging creates new ideas.

Authorized distributors help you find the most suitable solution for your needs. Ask your distributor for more information on Call-out over TETRA.

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