Civil defence

    Advanced, reliable communication is vital to protect people

    Protecting civilians during emergencies, disasters or terrorist attacks requires close collaboration of different public safety resources. Civil defence agencies, national emergency call centres, fire brigades, ambulances, police, volunteer organisations, in some cases also military units, can all be involved.

    Everyone must be confident their communications will not fail under any circumstances.

    Maximum coverage and resilience are critical

    While alerting and protecting the population during an emergency, civil defence forces communicate within their own teams in the field, with other teams and groups from different services, as well as with the dispatching or command centre. Officers also report their location and situation. Quality of communications, coverage and speed of the network are crucial.

    Confidentiality is vital

    You need to reach to organisations participating in the civil protection operation. Yet, you also must keep communications within your service secure and strictly private. Confidentiality helps to prevent the spread of panic among the population. Efficient, secure co-operation helps minimise damage to people and property.

    Critical communications over smartphones

    When personnel are busy dealing with the emergency, they don’t have time for irrelevant details. They need to connect to the right people even when they use different devices and technologies. They may also want video situation reports, to hear from single officers or talk to the entire group, geolocate and alert participants automatically, use smartphones for secure communications and much more. All this can be achieved with a solutions from Airbus.

    Benefits in civil defence operations

    Secure communication solutions from Airbus will:
    • Secure your information
    • Enable collaboration
    • Ensure multiple operations in the system
    • Minimise human danger and property damage

    Grows along with your needs

    Need a system that grows with your demands and is scalable from a local to a nationwide network?

    With solutions from Airbus, you can keep your operational model the same everywhere. Choose the right kind of push-to-talk / push-to-x services over broadband and complement them with information systems. Even with your existing narrowband network.

    As a result, you can have end-to-end secure, authenticated and reliable communications. Hybrid solutions such as that are the right investment for any organization looking for a secure solution for their mission-critical communications.

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