• Ergo Plugin

      Smart dashboard holder for Tactilon Dabat

    Staying connected while on the move

    The Ergo Plugin with Tactilon Dabat as the heart of the vehicle solution brings various communication elements together in one network. It is quick and easy to use and the user will not have to change the settings of the Tactilon Dabat hybrid device every time they go in or out of the car. Instead the settings are automatically adjusted to the vehicle environment and features are taken into use immediately.

    The Tactilon Dabat vehicle solution is based on the Ergo Plugin smart dashboard holder. It is a modular vehicle communication solution, extremely versatile and ergonomic with multiple options for various set-ups. Learn more download the Ergo Plugin datasheet!

    Download datasheet now!

    Discover a NEW experience

    Ergo Plugin is an in-car solution for the Airbus hybrid devices Tactilon Dabat and Tactilon Dabat with Super Connectivity (SC).  These dual-mode devices are designed for public safety and other professionals who need to stay connected with their colleagues when moving in and out of your vehicle. 

    Just insert Tactilon Dabat into the Ergo Plugin smart dashboard holder and there it is! With automatic vehicle mode in use, all accessories are connected with Bluetooth or WiFi at once, and your Tactilon Dabat gets automatically charged. And not only in your vehicle, but also in the control room or in the office!

    Staying connected has never been so simple and easy! Learn more – watch this video!

    Staying connected has never been so easy –

    3 key benefits of Ergo Plugin


    1. Automatic in/out vehicle mode change

    Thanks to Ergo Plugin, you can put your Tactilon Dabat easily into the smart dashboard holder and take it back when needed, just using one hand. What’s more, Tactilon Dabat adjusts instantly and automatically to the vehicle mode and makes other needed settings, including charging the battery, without any manual actions from you. When leaving the car, all apps will follow you with Tactilon Dabat in hand, thus helping increase operational efficiency and your personal safety.


    2. One shared subscription for TETRA and LTE

    Tactilon Dabat as a hybrid smartphone provides access to both TETRA and broadband networks – outside and inside of the car (LTE-SIM card). This makes separate TETRA and broadband subscriptions or devices mounted in the car obsolete. This will benefit your organization, with remarkable cost savings in both CAPEX and OPEX.


    3. Automatic connectivity to IP network

    Your Tactilon Dabat is the heart of your vehicle’s IP network, both wired and wireless. When you place Tactilon Dabat into the Ergo Plugin smart dashboard holder, it will automatically establish the IP network in the car, and offer connectivity for various smart devices, sensors and accessories. This enables using a bigger screen to mirror Tactilon Dabat’s own display to e.g. a 10“-inch tablet.

    Accessorize - as you need

    With Ergo Plugin solution you can tailor your vehicle communication solution so that it suits the way you and your organization work.

    You can also connect 3rd party devices to Ergo Plugin. They can be for example smart devices, laptop PC, printers, cameras, sensors, a LAN switch and/or an LTE/ satellite router with external roof antenna, depending on your needs.



    Get the best configuration for your needs

    With Ergo Plugin solution you can tailor your dashboard configuration so that it suits the way you and your organization work.

    You can also connect 3rd party accessories to Ergo Plugin. They can be for example smart devices, sensors, a LAN switch and/or an LTE router with external antenna, depending on your needs.

    Browse other Tactilon Dabat accessories in the online catalogue.


    Enjoy clear audio quality with SPM-17A microphone

    The SPM-17A remote speaker microphone can be used with the Ergo Plugin smart dashboard holder for in-car use. 

    SPM-17A provides clear, excellent audio quality which is essential in field operations and while working in noisy environments.

    Download the SPM-17A datasheet here.

    How to buy

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