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    We live in a world driven by accelerating change. Transformative technologies, political turbulence, social recalibration – little is as it was even a few years ago. The critical communications sector faces unprecedented pressure.

    Yet, at the same time, fresh forms of collaboration and powerful new data technologies are creating digital ecosystems that deliver far-reaching innovation and focused applications. Never has there been more effective support for professionals working in the field.

    To provide insight for you, Airbus asked a selection of the industry’s leading thinkers to share their views of the future of critical communications and the challenges that many organizations are facing.

    In addition to the in-depth interviews with each expert, we picked 14 from their most interesting observations. These quotes are available as a printable document. Get the pdf and print out the quote that most inspires you -

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    Good cooperation based on trust

    Juho Luoma from State Security Networks Finland explains what it takes to create the future of critical communications.

    Good cooperation


    Empowering public safety volunteers

    Markus Rauch from the autonomous province of Bolzano, South Tyrol, explains the importance of cross-border communications for the local public safety volunteers.

    Empowering volunteers


    Building trust through technology

    Mr Juan Martin Granados Torres from the State of Querétaro speaks about the development of technology  that can increase public trust.

    Public trust through technology


    Future emergency medical care

    Tom Silfvast from Helsinki University Central Hospital, Finland, gives practical examples how new technologies can benefit emergency medical care in the future.

    Future emergency care


    Open source ecosystems

    Daniel Schaefer from Red Hat explains how open source ecosystems are a completely new approach for critical communications.

    Open source ecosystems


    Emerging technologies and the smart city

    Mr Chen Dongping gives an answer to the intriguing question "Will emerging technologies create better ways to live in smart cities?"

    Smart cities


    Laws and the rapid technological innovation

    Mr Käser from Switzerland discusses the way laws have to deal with the new speed of technological developments.

    Laws and innovation


    Smooth path to modern critical communications

    Evert Dudok gives his views on the best ways to evolve towards critical communications capabilities of the future.

    Modern critical communications


    Turning technology into security superiority

    Prof. Dr. Holger Mey shares his insights into the question about security superiority. How can technology help us achieve that?

    Security superiority


    Getting closer to the public

    Col Eric Freyssinet from the French Gendarmerie reveals interesting facts about the development of "the policeman of the future".

    The connected policeman


    Critical communications for local needs

    Mr Juan Calos Peniche from the Morelos state reveals some key components of the best police communications solution for Mexico.

    Critical communications for local needs


    Adopting emerging technologies

    Mr Mansoor Buosaiba, CEO of Nedaa in Dubai, discusses critical communications of the future - and the possibilities and challenges related to this topic.

    Adopting emerging technologies


    Reliable voice and data help keep the power on

    Bernd Wintergerst, Head of Information Technology with AllgäuNetz, explains how communication helps the power company to keep their network and employees safe.

    Power company's view on communication