NetAct for TETRA

 NetAct™ for TETRA 

Monitor and manage the network

The NetAct™ for TETRA is a centralized network management system which helps lower the total cost of ownership of your TETRA network in two ways:

  1. The same personnel can manage the entire network from the centralised location.

  2. Efficient network management over remote connections significantly lowers the cost of maintenance.

 4 ways NetAct can save you money

What if you had to manage each type of network element separately? Or manage different parts of the network separately?

Compared to a network with separate management systems, a centralized solution can bring significant savings in the costs of the network management personnel considering the 8-hour shift for 24/7 operation.

What are the benefits from an efficient network management system? Since site visits are very expensive and time consuming, remote operations can save a lot of money.

With the information from NetAct, you can troubleshoot more easily and correct the problems faster with minimal effect to network performance.

NetAct can also take care of routine tasks automatically, which frees your personnel for more sophisticated tasks.

Manage the network - not the users

TETRA systems from Airbus Defence and Space give you unbeatable management options.

Network management and user administration are completely separate.
Manage the physical network and network elements with NetAct for TETRA.

User organizations will control and manage their users and talk groups with the Tactilon® Management. The organizations do not have to worry about compromising their privacy.

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