24-26 November 2015 in Köln 

24-26 November 2015 in Köln

3+1 things to try on Airbus Defence and Space stand D00 in Halle 10.2

1. Come and try two new apps - Tactilon Suite TSA App brings TETRA push-to-talk to a smartphone, and Tactilon Suite MUSA lets you share pictures, videos and other content with your team, safely and securely. Before or after trying out the new apps, you can fill in the mobile apps survey. You can also subscribe the report of the survey results.

2. Get your hands on the P8GR activeTETRA pager, designed for modern paging needs. For more information about modern paging, read the blog post "New ideas for paging

3. What is the future of mission-critical communications? Get the latest news on TETRA network modernization and TETRAPOL network modernization.

+1 Do you need TETRA indoor coverage for public spaces like shopping malls? Please visit our stand to get familiar with the TB3hp mini base station and see in practise how it suits this purpose. 

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Could smart phone users communicate in TETRA groups?

Do you have a need to include both TETRA radio and smart phone users in group communication? Tactilon Suite TSA app could be the answer. Get the details - 

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P8GR active TETRA pager

Get your hands on the P8GR active pager, designed for modern paging needs. It's so much more than a beeper!

Take survey: 2015 trends in
mobile apps

Public safety wants smartphone capabilities but they also need mission-critical coverage, availability, and security. Or do they?

Participate in a survey about public safety needs related to mobile applications and get the final results in report format. 

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