SAFECommand gives real-time intelligence to mobile units


Mobile data application for public safety

SAFECommand is a mobile information system that can improve

  • the occupational safety of public safety officers
  • the operational efficiency of public safety forces.

The solution delivers front line crews direct access to Command and Control information and risk data from the incident ground using tablets, smartphones and in-vehicle PCs.


How a Fire and Rescue organization can use SAFECommand

People on their way to the incident site can use SAFECommand to check

  • fire inspection reports
  • hazardous chemicals database
  • other risk data.

Knowing these things before arriving to the incident can make a difference.

SAFECommand can track the location of mobile units and show the operational picture in real time. Control rooms can also share this with the field units.

Organizations can store the following into the SAFECommand system:

  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • instructions how to rescue victims from crashed vehicles
  • other vital documents.

Keeping them up-to-date in the system means that everyone using SAFECommand has the same information, quickly accessible when needed.

How a Police service can use SAFECommand

SAFECommand is a platform for mobile reporting, bringing police from the office to the streets.

Officers on the beat get mobile access to

  • criminal records
  • stolen vehicle databases
  • other registers required in their daily work.

This saves time both for them and for their colleagues in control rooms, and enables them to be more effective.

They can also see the up-to-date work safety registers. This gives them pre-warning on the possibility to encounter a dangerous individual at an address, for example. 

Thanks to SAFECommand, the Command and Control also gets an accurate operational picture on units, risks and incidents.

Cooperating across organizational lines

SAFECommand is very useful also when several organizations cooperate at an incident. It is a platform for sharing relevant operational plans and the overall situational picture with every involved organization. At the same time, no-one can see information that is confidential or not necessary to share.

Direct access to information makes it possible for officers to be better prepared. They can also complete their duties more safely and effectively.

Data management made easy

Back-office software applications enable frontline personnel to manage and rapidly access up-to-date and accurate information for emergency and operational needs.

Integrated risk management planning software makes it easy to keep operational information consistent. An automatic update service ensure that all units have up-to-date information always available.

More information

A fire department in Ghent, Belgium works better with SAFECommand. Read this case study -

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