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TETRA in your smartphone?

Tactilon® Agnet 800 lets smartphone users communicate in TETRA groups at the touch of a button. It is perfect for connecting people vital to an operation easily and securely, even when they are using different devices and technologies.

Tactilon Agnet 800 lets you talk or exchange messages with people who carry a TETRA radio and also with the control room. It is like a TETRA app in your smartphone, and you will also benefit from other TETRA features like emergency calls and location tracking. All this with mission critical level of quality and security.

Tactilon Agnet 800 is fully integrated into the Airbus TETRA system and broadband services. 

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Key features


Voice and messaging

  • Group calls and one-to-one calls 
  • Group messaging and one-to-one messaging
  • Status messaging
  • Pre-emption and priority features
  • Late entry to an ongoing group call
  • Call on hold and call waiting
  • Background noise filtering
  • Calls to/from PABX or PSTN.

Hybrid roaming

With Tactilon Agnet 800 and the Hybrid roaming solution, a Tactilon Dabat hybrid device can automatically move from using the TETRA network to using a LTE broadband network or vice versa. 

When moving outside TETRA coverage, for example, the application will seamlessly switch to using the available broadband service for communications.

In case of emergency

Help is at hand by pressing the dedicated emergency button. Emergency calls get the highest possible priority, jumping the queue of other calls if necessary. When an emergency call comes in, it can be seen and heard clearly by defined users and dispatchers.

More about emergency calls: TETRA systems from Airbus offer unbeatable possibilities for emergency calls


Location services

Tactilon Agnet 800 has the following location services available to dispatchers:

  • Real-time location tracking of field users - both TETRA and broadband users on the same map
  • Initiator location included in emergency calls and alerted on the map
  • Geofencing (with OM100 AVL application)
  • POIs displayed on the map (with OM100 AVL application).

Seamless interoperability with TETRA

Tactilon Agnet 800 is fully integrated into the Airbus TETRA system and broadband services. This means that you can use the same talk groups in your smartphone as you would use in your TETRA radio, for example.

This solution avoids disruptive changes because it uses the same communication and management capabilities that are already in use for control rooms and TETRA radios.

Tactilon Agnet 800 is like a smart TETRA app: you benefit from multiple TETRA features and from flexible and secure group management.

Benefit from familiar features



Tactilon Agnet 800 for TETRA users?

Did you know? Tactilon Agnet is a smartphone solution that lets the user communicate in TETRA groups. Watch this video to learn more.


Watch this free demo!

Watch the free online demo of Tactilon Agnet.

In just 10 minutes, you will learn how easy it is to use push-to-talk on a smartphone.

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How to bring Tactilon Agnet into use

These are the building blocks for your Tactilon Agnet 800 solution:



You can adopt the Tactilon Agnet 800 solution when your TETRA system meets two prerequisites:

  • Your Airbus TETRA System runs Release 7 software or newer
  • And your system has either Taira TETRA Servers or DXTA Servers which can provide the Tactilon Agnet services.


Agnet TETRA user licences are needed for the app.

Smart devices



  • You must enable mobile data on the smart devices and ensure proper broadband connectivity.
  • For securing the broadband traffic, you can use your existing VPN GW or establish one.

Provisioning and management

For provisioning the users and devices, you will also need

Solutions for additional benefits


To fully benefit from Tactilon Agnet 800 functionalities there are multiple user interfaces available for your various devices and users.

  • Agnet TETRA is the Android app
  • RCS 9500 - the tactical user interface for dispatching 
  • Tactilon Management - the administration interface for provisioning and subscriber management.

What does hybrid really mean...

... for a field user?

Niklas Lagerblom from Airbus shows how easy it can be for smartphone and professional radio users to communicate. Which specific devices or infrastructure are needed to support multimedia features and hybrid user groups?

Video interview from Critical Communications World 2018

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