Tactilon Agnet 900

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Get mission critical services on your smartphone

Multimedia applications make professional users’ communications more efficient. Although commercial apps are useful, they do not provide the features, voice communications,
connectivity options and user management capabilities that professional organizations need.

With Airbus Tactilon® Agnet 900, smartphone users gain easy access to a wealth of secure, professional features. Teams can collaborate efficiently by being securely connected to each other and with dispatchers, wherever they are and whatever devices they use.

Keep your teams connected whatever device they use

  • Android smart devices
  • Tablets
  • PCs and laptops


Key features

Tactilon Agnet 900 brings mission critical services to your smart devices

Voice services

  • Private and group calls
  • Groups defined by a user or an administrator
  • Pre-emption and priority features
  • Late group call entry
  • Call on hold & call waiting
  • Adaptive voice codec
  • Call out to PSTN

Multimedia messaging

  • Private and group messaging
    with multimedia attachments: photo, video, geolocation, reports, contact, calendar, and other
  • Message acknowledgements
  • Store and forward messages for unreachable recipients
  • Universal search

Video services

  • Private video calls
  • Real-time video streaming to a group or dispatchers
  • Dispatchers can display several video streams in parallel
  • Voice calls and messaging can be performed on top of live video
  • HD video streaming with dynamic bitrate control
  • Video with location information can be streamed either from a mobile device or a body camera

Location services

  • Real-time location tracking and reporting
  • Indicated distance between the user and the team
  • Battery level, signal strength and user status (on/off duty) displayed
  • Ability to share any chosen location as an attachment
  • POIs displayed on the map
  • Initiator location included in emergency alerts and calls

All you need is...

...the following building blocks...

To fully benefit from Tactilon Agnet 900 functionalities there are multiple user interfaces available for your various devices and user types.

  • Agnet Mission - the mission critical Agnet app on Android smart devices
  • Agnet Dispatcher - the tactical UX for dispatching on Chrome and Firefox browsers
  • Agnet Admin - the administration UX on Chrome and Firefox browsers
In addition, you need Tactilon Agnet Server for providing the services to your users. You also must enable mobile data on your smart devices and ensure proper broadband connectivity.

You can add Agnet Hybrid Gateway to the basic structure if you are looking for interoperability between broadband and Tetrapol, P25, DMR, analog or TETRA.

...and compatible smart devices.

Tactilon Agnet 900 is compatible with smart devices running on Android 5 or later. You can browse the list of supported devices here.

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