Tactilon Secure MVNO

    Why Secure MVNO is your next smart move:


    Security and control for hybrid networks

    You as a PMR network operator want to serve your customers and maintain a sound business.

    Today, your customers rely on you to provide for their critical radio communications. They use and need the most important voice and data features every day. Even so, they would welcome the introduction of new data applications and smart devices.

    You can help your customers achieve this. Tactilon Secure MVNO makes it possible for you to introduce broadband services based on commercial mobile operators’ services and to control the security of the communications and subscribers.

    This is an important point: Tactilon Secure MVNO supports several mobile operators at the same time. This means that the users can get much better data service than from a single network. If one network has a problem, there is another network to use.

    Why you should choose the Tactilon Suite based MVNO solution

    Your PMR users probably expect that you can provide them with all mission-critical services – narrowband and broadband. Tactilon Suite can help you keep the users satisfied in broadband related issues.

    “Pay as you grow” is the modern way to introduce new services to customers in the telecom world. Tactilon Suite has the same approach. Your initial investment can be modest. As the business grows, the tools can grow with it.

    The commercial MVNO solutions are not as suited for the mission-critical environment. With Tactilon Suite, you do not have to change your processes. This is a great advantage when you plan for a quick introduction of services.

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