2 Real-life cases on how to address coverage gaps and ensure broadband capacity

Published: 15 Apr 2024
Author: Srujan Ageeru
Reading time: 7 min

Agnet with Satcom provides resilience and extended coverage capacity

Emergency services require a reliable communication system to ensure public safety and security at all times. Airbus offers a reliable and effective means of communication that emergency services can depend on. Agnet together with Satcom services offers resilience, extended coverage, and capacity for uninterrupted field collaboration by supporting the use of deployable networks and satellite communications for connectivity.

Our previous article covered the technical aspects of extending broadband coverage for critical communications users. In this blog, we will continue by showcasing two real-life situations that highlight Agnet's significance as a communication and collaboration tool. These cases demonstrate how Agnet adapts to the diverse needs of public safety personnel, whether in rural areas, unexpected natural disaster sites, or planned events in cities.

Mountain rescuers in action, South Tyrol 2023

Addressing coverage gaps in remote areas

Agnet with Satcom connectivity is a highly valuable tool, particularly in rural areas outside commercial 4G/5G network coverage. Additionally, it is an indispensable resource during natural disasters when terrestrial communication infrastructure is vulnerable to disruptions caused by events such as wildfires or floods. While natural disasters may not always occur in rural areas, the connectivity issues are often similar.

For example, wildfires around remote areas can be a prime example of such a natural disaster. During one of these rescue missions, public safety organizations can be faced with challenges resulting to critical delays to rescue missions:

  • Inadequate network coverage or capacity in remote areas
  • Lack of suitable communication systems for safety and emergency teams
  • An inability of efficient communication between police, emergency services and other rescue teams

Agnet can easily resolve all of these challenges. With Agnet over Satcom, critical communication is guaranteed even in remote areas. Rescue teams can fully embrace the enhanced capabilities of broadband with flexibility of extended satellite connectivity.

In remote areas, Agnet:

  • Provides a versatile critical communications broadband solution for emergency and healthcare teams, or other public authorities
  • Satellite connectivity can be set up quickly to resolve localized network coverage issues
  • Significantly enhances situational awareness and streamlines rescue missions

People celebrating in a football match

Ensuring network capacity in large events

During large events like concerts, exhibitions, and sporting events held in urban areas, network challenges primarily arise from congestion impacting the available capacity rather than coverage. Agnet over Satcom can be set up in advance to provide security personnel, emergency teams, and other authorities with access to a fast and reliable broadband coverage during these events.

In scenarios where network congestion is anticipated, deployable satellite terminals can be installed to provide extra capacity, ensuring connectivity remains accessible, particularly for emergency and medical users. Moreover, beyond safety considerations, there are instances such as international summits where uninterrupted connectivity is crucial, also due to the events' high-security demands.

Large crowds are usually overseen by a security provider, which then, in case of an emergency or security incident, must be ready to collaborate with public safety organisations such as the police, ambulance service, or fire department. In addition to bolstering network capacity, Agnet over Satcom provides a seamless and fully reliable communication tool for exchanging information, including live video and location data, among various public safety groups. This represents a substantial improvement in safety protocols, particularly for events hosting thousands of spectators.

In events with large audiences, Agnet:

  • Provides an efficient way to collaborate between different event security and emergency teams
  • Supports sharing of live video and location data even when terrestrial networks are congested
  • Satellite connectivity seamlessly available for Agnet users securing the event

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