TETRA connectivity server for applications from Airbus Defence and Space

TETRA Connectivity Server

Integrated applications boost efficiency

TETRA Connectivity Server offers the deepest level of integration to TETRA network for applications.


Full access to TETRA services

TETRA Connectivity ServerĀ“s most outstanding features are:

  • The access point for all services in the entire network through TCS API
  • The access point for selected services in the entire network through TCS Web Service Interface
  • Enables environment where service access and service creation are fast, secure and cost-effective
  • Flexible scalability and upgradability as the network grows

There is also a partner program which actively supports application development.

How to use the TETRA Connectivity Server

Together with third-party applications, the TCS can be used for:

  • Integrating new or existing applications and systems into the TETRA system, such as command and control systems
  • Implementing specific applications, such as positioning solutions or telemetric systems
  • Implementing functions more cost-efficiently, such as using short messages for database requests, instead of communicating.

Choose the right interface

You have the following choices for your different integration needs.

For management systems: TETRA Connectivity Server

  • Expert level integration
  • All TETRA services

For communication: RCS 9500 dispatching solution

  • Voice, text messaging and status services
  • Simple to use API
  • IP-based voice and data

For applications: Mobile Data Gateway

  • Messaging, status, AVL, call-out, data services
  • Multiple applications
  • Simple to use SOAP/XML interface

More information

Get all details from the TETRA Connectivity Server datasheet -

Download your free TCS datasheet now

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