Do you have this wrong idea about IP protection ratings for PMR radios?

Published: 20 Nov 2015
Author: Jukka Saari
Topics: TETRA radios
Reading time: 2 min

What do you think - which radio has better protection against dust and water, one classified IP65 or another rated IP67?

IP67, right? Because the number is bigger?

Wrong. A radio with IP67 rating is not necessarily better for you than one rated IP65. In fact, an IP67 classified radio may be unsuitable for your needs!

A radio classified IP67 is dust tight (the 6 in the classification code). It can also handle being immersed in water up to 1 meter deep (the 7 in the classification code).

An IP65 classified radio is dust tight as well. In addition, the 5 in the classification code says that water projected from a nozzle will not be harmful for the radio.

Now which of these radios would be better for you?

You see, the classification does not require that the radio would have to pass every test leading up to this rating. In other words, an IP67 classified radio has not been tested against jets of water – only against being submerged in still water.

In practice, this would mean that the radio could be placed in one-meter-deep water for a short time and it would still work. But this radio would not be certain to withstand a jet from a water hose. And you should not rinse the IP67 classified radio under a tap and expect it to work afterwards.

When you think about the way you use the radio, which would be more useful for you? To be able to drop the radio in shallow water, or to be sure that the radio will work even after a jet of water hits it?

THR9i TETRA radio IP65 classified withstands jets of water

Think about your daily working conditions. Do you use your radio in the rain, or close to water jets? Or are you working inside, safe from rain and storm but next to containers of water (one meter deep maximum).

And if you really need your radio to withstand both immersion and water jets, you need to require it to be both IP65 and IP67 classified.

Check this infographic which cracks the IP rating code for you!

Infographic: IP classification and IP ratings explained

You can also download the infographic and print it for your reference:


What does IP classification testing mean in practice?

Take a look at IP65 classification testing - watch a video: A TETRA radio gets rough treatment in classification tests

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