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Positioning the radio

Putting you on the map

Those in charge of an operation need to know where people are. TETRA radios from Airbus Defence and Space make it easier because they all contain a positioning module.

The radios can be tracked. For example:

  • The radio can automatically send its location at certain time intervals.
  • Control room can ask for the location and the radio can send it. The user does not need to do this.
  • When the user makes the red emergency call, the radio can automatically include the location information in the call.

Where are you?

'Where are you' lets the radio user take advantage of the location information on the radios.

In short, 'Where are you' becomes the question no-one needs to ask. The user can easily send a 'Where Are You question' to a colleague or team. They can answer by pressing the push-to-talk key.

The user’s radio will now display an arrow that points to the colleague’s direction. He can also see how far the colleague is in that direction.

'Where are you' is only available in TETRA radios from Airbus Defence and Space.

Take a closer look at the 'Where are you' function

'Where are you' lets a team know each others' whereabouts – as quickly as pushing the PTT key

Video: 'Where are you' in action

New and improved positioning

The TH1n light-weight radioTH9 handportable TETRA radio and the THR9 Ex ATEX TETRA radio are now even faster and easier to locate. They contain the GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) positioning module. Also Tactilon Dabat, a smartphone and a TETRA radio in one device includes the GNSS module.

The GNSS module can use any two of these satellite systems at once:

  • A-GPS
  • Glonass
  • BeiDou
  • Galileo (later possibility with a software update)

The improvements

  • Faster time-to-fix
  • Better accuracy in so called urban canyons.

Tall buildings can block a radio’s view to a satellite, and such an area is called an urban canyon. But where the radio may not get line-of-sight to one satellite, another may be in view. The GNSS can use two satellite systems and get more accurate positioning – even in urban canyons.

Radio positioning for tracking the units

Use the TETRA radios to track

  • field units
  • vehicles
  • vessels
  • containers.

The radio can send its coordinates as an SDS message

  • at certain time intervals
  • after a certain distance travelled,
  • or both,
  • and if the radio does not have radio coverage, it can save the coordinates and send them when it is back in coverage.
Authorized distributors help you find the most suitable solution for your needs.

Ask your distributor to tell you more about radio positioning.

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These TETRA radios have the quick GNSS positioning:

Power on hand radio for mission-critical users
TH9 handheld TETRA radio
Ex-tremely safe radio
THR9 Ex handheld ATEX TETRA radio
This big performer fits in your pocket
TH1n slimline TETRA radio

Advanced GPS positioning is included in these radios:

4 Sides of communications

THR880i handheld TETRA radio
Safe and secure radio in the field
THR9i handheld TETRA radio
TETRA radio for your vehicle
TMR880i mobile radio

Operations Manager 100 (OM 100) is a mapping application that lets dispatchers see

  • the location
  • the status
  • the active TETRA talk group

of each mobile unit.

OM 100 - Locate people and vehicles accurately

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