Stop Noise Bluetooth Headset Adapter for TETRA

Certified 3rd Party Accessory

The Stop Noise Bluetooth Headset Adapter is a device which enables wireless connectivity for many different audio accessories.

2.308.87.2 can be used with TETRA terminals equipped with a Stop Noise Bluetooth Dongle or a compatible built-in Bluetooth (e.g. Airbus TH9) and with smartphones that have Bluetooth feature integrated.

The Bluetooth Headset Adapter can be paired with a TETRA terminal and smartphone simultaneously.

Mechanical Characteristics & Features
- Weight: Approx. 48 g.
- Half-duplex and full-duplex communication
- Controls include PTT, volume control and pairing button.
- Waterproof audio jack for connecting different headsets
- The adapter is charged through a magnetic connector at  the bottom of the device.
- Rotating clip on the back of the device for attaching the adapter to clothing
- PTT operation: 100 000 times
- 64-bit encryption for wireless data transfer
- Bluetooth version 2.1, protocol type 802.15
- Manufactured from impact resistant polycarbonate.
- Operating temperature -40...+80 °C
- Water & dust resistant, IP56
- RoHS compliant 

Electrical characteristics
Battery, rechargeable Li-Po, operation time 20h

Certified 3rd Party Accessory

An Airbus certificate signifies that the vendor has designed and tested its product to comply with our product acceptance criteria, and is compatible with your Airbus product.*

Stop Noise Finland Ltd

Stop Noise Finland Ltd


Sales code
TH9, Tactilon Dabat
Weight (g)
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*Airbus assumes no responsibility for the operation of any certified accessories nor their compliance with legal applicable requirements.

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