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    Discover an exciting new world of professional apps

    The award-winning Tactilon Dabat is the world’s first smartphone and full TETRA radio in one device. 

    As a critical communications user, you can run innovative applications on Tactilon Dabat to help you work in new and better ways.

    Discover the possibilities of 3+3+3 of the most interesting apps and how they can help achieve just this.

    These apps were demonstrated at Critical Communications World 2018 – and raised a lot of interest among visitors.

    3+3+3 of the most interesting apps

    Exomi's app for running triage in a new way

    A new way to run triage

    Important information must be communicated clearly during a life or death incident. Voice isn't always the optimal choice.

    Exomi's digitized Triage app offers a new and more reliable way to run triage — one based on data. 

    Not only is patient safety improved, but medical teams can work more efficiently in crisis situations.

    Life Saver's app from Intelligence on Wheels

    Warning! Approaching train

    The Life Savers' app from Intelligence on Wheels (IoW) helps protect train track workers from accidents.

    The app warns staff working on tracks when a train is approaching — even when there is no 3G/4G network coverage.

    The app won an award in the first Critical App Challenge, organized by Airbus in February 2018.

    A German police officer using Secunet's bocoa app

    There's nowhere to hide anymore

    Criminals often hide behind multiple identities.

    But with secunet´s bocoa app, police officers in the field can easily verify an individual's identity using database queries and biometric verification, such as fingerprints.

    It’s fast, secure and effective, helping officers complete their duties more efficiently.

    Major emergency exercise

    Record calls, voice and data

    Recording and analyzing emergency voice calls is mandatory for many public safety organizations, helping them to improve responses.

    The ASC EVOIPneo app records radio communications, both speech and data, as well as all other call-related information.

    Security is assured because each organization using the network can access only their recordings.

    Steerpath's indoor positioning app

    Precision positioning - anywhere

    Steerpath's indoor positioning app is the effective way to locate people or objects inside a building.

    Offering seamless indoor and outdoor positioning down to few meters, the app works where GPS doesn’t.

    The app won an award in the first Critical App Challenge, organized by Airbus in February 2018. It is already used by mission-critical environments like international airports.

    Eye Solutions' Real Time Mobile Group Video app

    Video sharing as it happens

    Conventional video recording of incidents provides useful evidence, but usually only after the event.

    Now, officers can share dangerous situations as they happen. Eye Solutions’ Real Time Mobile Group Video app helps team members and the control room provide better support.

    Read more in Key Touch magazine, issue 1/2017 (pages 20-21).

    Virtual Solution's SecurePIM Office app

    The all-in-one secure mobile office

    Virtual Solution's SecurePIM Office app lets professional users access data securely while on the go. Emails, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, documents, intranet and a secure camera are all available.

    The app is also easy to integrate into existing IT infrastructure.

    Public safety and other professional users can now work more effectively  anywhere, anytime.

    Secapp secure communication app

    Alerting and messaging just got easier

    Secapp makes it easier and faster to alert people and call them to duty.

    Not only does the app alert the right people, based on their skills, location and availability, but they see and hear the alert and then respond.

    Those in charge can also immediately see who is and who is not available, whichever communication channel is used (SDS, call-out, app, SMS, email, chat, robocalls and more).

    Findwhere's EMS platform and app

    Secure, two-way alerting

    Rapid response is often vital.

    With Findwhere's EMS platform and app, public safety and other professionals can

    • use alerts and notifications to call in people with the required skills, and
    • see right away who is available and where they are.

    And that helps teams to work more safely and effectively.

    It's all about the apps ecosystem

    Professional apps for critical communications? See examples on this video from a few innovative companies present in the Airbus Apps Ecosystem area at the Critical Communications World 2018.

    Be part of this apps ecosystem – it can bring you significant advantages. Join the SmarTWISP application developer programme from Airbus.

    Video interview from Critical Communications World 2018

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