Camp and facility protection

    Secure and flexible communications to protect facilities

    When protecting static locations such as camp sites and facilities, everyone from the operations centre to the security personnel on the ground need reliable, easy to use radio communications. Maintaining situational awareness across different locations, nationalities, companies and their equipment can only be achieved with a flexible radio communication network.

    Bring different equipment into one network

    Protecting facilities can involve different parties managing checkpoints and inner and outer perimeters. The risk is that each group may only be able to communicate with their own people and the operations centre, which then must deal with several different communication systems.

    However, a flexible TETRA radio network can accommodate different equipment, allowing direct communications between all parties without increased costs. This shortens reaction time, improves situational awareness and reduces communication issues.

    A hybrid network integrates all secured sites

    Need to secure several facilities in different locations? Use a hybrid network that combines the strengths of TETRA and LTE.

    A TETRA network inside the campus or facility is the most reliable way to maintain communications. Adding an LTE network in a hybrid solution will improve situational awareness across the security operation.

    The same ease of use on all equipment

    TETRA radios from Airbus are famous for their ease of use. Now, Tactilon Agnet application can make a smartphone as easy and similar to use as these radios. In addition, Command and control equipment can be wirelessly connected to the same network.


    Benefits of camp protection solutions

    • Flexible network
    • Easy to use with all devices
    • Works where needed
    • Avoids increasing the amount of equipment

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