Secure communication

    Organizations can communicate

    Interoperability - secure communication within and also between civil defence, police, rescue, and other agencies and services in one network.

    Why do you need a secure communications network?

    When a crisis hits, radio communications must work, without fail.

    In a crisis, a reliable, interoperable communications network is vital for a fast, coordinated response. Voice remains the most effective way to communicate, and data must be its efficient complement. Thanks to voice and data communication, every authority and organization can know the precise location of all their and other agency units, for example.

    Essentials of a secure radio communication solution

    • For when you need it most, a secure radio communication system will be weatherproof and compact.
    • It will also be easy to transport, deploy and maintain.
    • Keeping the same operational modes everywhere makes it easy to use.
    • It also needs to be scalable to meet your needs - from a small base unit to a whole country and even across borders.

    Cooperation is the key

    Effective crisis management calls for different authorities to co-ordinate, communicate and have full situational awareness. The Deployable TETRA solution from Airbus supports the vital applications field officers need. With smartphones and the Tactilon Agnet application, your communications can use TETRA, satellite, LTE or any other combination of technologies you need.

    Deploy TETRA anywhere, scale it to your need

    With the Deployable TETRA solution, you can establish a network quickly and easily, anywhere in the world. You can enable and manage speech commands, announcements, status messages and location information - efficiently and reliably.



    Benefits of secure communication solutions

    • Easy to deploy and use anywhere
    • Works in any circumstances
    • Scales to any size
    • Full mobility

    Protect anything, anywhere

    Secure communication solutions from Airbus make it possible for you to cooperate, collaborate and coordinate within your organization and also between agencies.

    These communication solutions give you the right support, whatever the situation, from transport accidents, factory explosions, rescue operations or border conflicts, to large sports or political events. Use these solutions for crisis management and to protect airports, transport networks, energy supplies, oil and gas infrastructure, municipalities and public buildings.

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