Tactilon Agnet 

Tactilon Agnet for professional group communications

Tactilon Agnet is a professional app for smart devices. It enables secure communication with other professional users, as well as with the control room. 

Using Tactilon Agnet for group communication takes full advantage of smartphone capabilities in a secure and controlled way. This means that the people vital to an operation can be connected easily and securely, even when they are using different devices and technologies in hybrid environment.

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Or learn about the Tetrapol compatible solution too. With the app, smartphone and tablet users become part of the professional world – voice, data, video and location services are all on hand and all with the reliability and security that professional users expect. Below you can also download related brochure.

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Enlarge the operational area beyond the public safety network’s coverage

Tactilon Agnet is a smartphone app, so it can work also outside your public safety network’s coverage area. This can give you many new opportunities.

Tactilon Agnet is fully integrated into the Airbus TETRA and Tetrapol systems, making the use of existing processes and systems very easy.

App for officers

High ranking police officers may choose to carry only a smartphone. They can still take part in the communications related to an operation.

Police officer may carry only a smartphone

App for medical professionals

A doctor may not need TETRA talk groups very often. But she may need them sometimes when on call. For this, she only needs a smartphone and the special app.

A doctor can use a smartphone and the Tactilon Suite TSA app

App for volunteers

People with only a smartphone can take part in important TETRA group communications. For example, volunteers searching for a missing child could communicate with the professionals who manage the operation.

Volunteers can use smartphones to communicate with professionals

App for airport staff

Busy airports manage hundreds of flights a day, each requiring dozens of employees to communicate with each other. Agnet is a great help when, for example, a person is missing or late from their flight.




App for metro line operators

For metro line operators, Tactilon Agnet brings the benefits of good radio coverage and reliable communication integrated into their traffic management systems. During a large event with an unusually high number of people or for example, during construction work, Tactilon Agnet helps the right people get connected when needed.


App for industry field 

A kilometer or more below ground and long tunnels with no cell phone reception. These are typical working conditions for miners, who communicate with one another using e.g. TETRA or Tetrapol. Sometimes there’s a rapid need for an expert’s advice - if this person is not in the area, they can still be reached with the help of Agnet. This person can talk to the miners by connecting to the same TETRA network using Agnet and Wi-Fi.

Also large construction and production sites benefit from using Tactilon Agnet. Many people need to communicate with each other, possibly sharing sensitive information. Also there might be a situation where expert’s advice is needed. Sending pictures or videos with the Agnet app helps troubleshooting during problematic situations.

Oil and gas field require communications that are available everywhere over often vast ranges – personnel can find themselves a long way from urban areas, yet have to be in touch with each other and with the control room. Tactilon Agnet is a great solution for this kind of working environment. Tactilon Agnet lets one use push-to-talk on their smartphones to communicate in other TETRA/Tetrapol talk groups. One can easily communicate with TETRA/Tetrapol radio users as well as with the control room.

Great for the future

With the Tactilon Agnet app, it is easy for users to adopt professional communication practices. Completely new user groups can start cooperating with established groups.

The Tactilon Agnet solution allows richer and more efficient collaboration for people in the field by exchanging multimedia information. With Tactilon Agnet, the group members can exchange real-time video and instant messages with attachments. They can even use rich map features to locate other group members and rapidly understand the ongoing tactical situation.

Applying the new capabilities in real situations provides valuable insight that can help organisations develop new and more effective planning and work procedures.

Download datasheet to see if Tactilon Agnet can work in your system

This app can bring TETRA push-to-talk and more to your smartphone. Get the details on the datasheet:

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Take a look at the findings from the 2017 Airbus survey into the state of the professional mobile apps market. This and the 2016 survey have provided a number of insights and revealed what the mission-critical communication users and the industry in general value the most in mobile apps.

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