Tactilon Agnet

Tactilon Agnet brings professional group communication to smart devices

Tactilon Agnet is a professional app for smart devices. It enables secure communication with other TETRA radio users also with the control room. Tactilon Agnet supports also video and multimedia file sharing over the broadband networks.

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Read more about what professional push-to-talk can do in our blog post. Or download a brochure to learn more about this professional app:

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Tactilon Agnet enables an evolution path to the 3GPP MCPTT release 13 standard as well as interoperability with Tetrapol networks. The next releases will support multimedia content added with MCDATA and MCVIDEO. 

The 3GPP is a global, joint standardisation body developing the future communications standards (LTE, 4G), – such as the Mission-Critical Push-To-Talk MCPTT, MCVIDEO and MCDATA.

See how to use the Tactilon Agnet app in practice

Tactilon Agnet opens up a whole new world of benefits for the smartphone users. With the app you can use several TETRA functions with your smartphone. 

Tactilon Agnet for professional group communication

With Tactilon you get to talk to TETRA talk groups at the touch of a button. The PTT-key is easy to find, even when your eyes are on the action. By watching this video you will learn how to select a talk group as well as keep your place in the queue.

TETRA messaging in smartphones

With Tactilon Agnet you can easily send text or status messages too, to the same groups that you speak to, or to individuals. Watch this video and learn how to send a status message, text message as well as callback request to a group.

Emergency calls and location services

In case of an emergency, help is at hand by pressing the dedicated emergency button. Emergency calls get extreme priority, and can be seen and heard clearly. Tactilon Agnet can also track the position of the device.

Individual calls, direct calls and prioritization

A direct call is the quickest way to give directions and orders. When making an individual call, both parties can speak at the same time. You also get to prioritize your communication with Airbus TETRA system, creating a structure that defines which information is more important than other.

Security and control

Tactilon Agnet takes full advantage of smartphone capabilities in a secure and controlled way. This means that people vital to an operation can be connected easily and securely even when they are using different devices and technologies in hybrid environment.


App for officers

High ranking police officers may choose to carry only a smartphone. They can still take part in the communications related to an operation.

Police officer may carry only a smartphone

App for medical professionals

A doctor may not need TETRA talk groups very often. But she may need them sometimes when on call. For this, she only needs a smartphone and the special app.

A doctor can use a smartphone and the Tactilon Suite TSA app

App for volunteers

People with only a smartphone can take part in important TETRA group communications. For example, volunteers searching for a missing child could communicate with the professionals who manage the operation.

Volunteers can use smartphones to communicate with professionals

Great for the users

Users benefit from real TETRA communication features in their smart devices. They can listen and talk to the TETRA groups. But that’s not all.

They can also use other features such as

  • group scanning
  • emergency call
  • status messages
  • short data messages.

A smart device user will also experience priorities just the same as regular TETRA users. PTT queuing and pre-emption works, too.

Enlarge your operational area beyond PMR network coverage

Tactilon Agnet is a smartphone app, so it can work also outside your PMR network coverage area. This can give you many new opportunities.

Great for control rooms

Tactilon Agnet sits easily with your existing processes and tools. You use the same process and the same tool to manage smartphone accounts and radio users.

Tactilon Management lets you

  • Manage user rights
  • Manage talk group memberships
  • Deactivate users from the TETRA network if needed

You also use your standard dispatcher when communicating from the control room to the field. It does not matter whether the user is on a TETRA radio or using the app.

Great for the future

With the Tactilon Agnet app, it is easy for users to adopt professional communication practices. Completely new user groups can start cooperating with established groups.

Smart devices can be used to deliver richer data. Professional operations can then use this data.

People can get real-life experience from new possibilities. Organisations can then develop new ways of working and planning.

Which smartphones can you use with the Tactilon Agnet app?

The pilot users of Tactilon Agnet have tested and recommended several smartphone models to use with the app. They all use the Android operating system.

Recommended smartphone models

These models have been tested and it is recommended that you choose one of them for your tests. However, if you have another Android smartphone model in use, you can run the testing on that. Later, this model can be added to the recommended list, which is as follows:

Smartphones with hard PTT

Caterpillar S60
Cybertel CM65
Samsung S6 Active
Samsung Xcover 3
Bittium Tough Mobile
Caterpillar S40

Smartphones with soft PTT

Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+
Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy S5

Recommended accessories

Savox promate RSM-30 with hard PTT
Peltor WS Protac XP (BT accessory)
Wired headsets with smartphones


Download datasheet to see if Tactilon Agnet can work in your system

This app can bring TETRA push-to-talk and more to your smartphone. Get the details on the datasheet:

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Tactilon Management
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