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Airbus contributes to new mission-critical standards

3 July, 2018

Elancourt, 3 July 2018 – Airbus has made significant steps forward towards a final result for future standards for secure broadband communication solutions. Last week, Airbus participated to the second plug test at Texas A&M University in College Station (USA) and pushed the envelope for new technical features.


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Airbus heralds the new era of alerting in the German state of Hesse

29 June, 2018

Elancourt, 2 July 2018 - Airbus has delivered more than 50,000 Tetra pagers "P8GR" to the Hessian fire brigades, emergency services and civil protection units.


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Airbus app transmits real-time videos from the sky

22 May, 2018

Elancourt, 22 May 2018During the Technos Days Valabre near Aix-en Provence (France) on 23th and 24th May, Airbus will demonstrate how videos and aerial pictures from a drone can be integrated into the secure multimedia collaboration tool Tactilon Agnet This system can help when floods or forest fires occur and fire brigades need to get an overview in the vicinity of an incident.

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Airbus’ Tactilon Dabat granted with ‘Best evolution to future broadband’ award during CCW 2018 in Berlin

16 May, 2018

Berlin, 16 May 2018 - Airbus’ Tactilon Dabat has been awarded "Best evolution to future broadband" during the annual International Critical Communications Awards, which took place following the opening day of Critical Communications World (CCW) in Berlin.


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Operating remote missions on smart communication platforms

15 May, 2018

Elancourt 15 May 2018 – Airbus will demonstrate a new pilot version of its real-time Virtual Reality technology at the Critical Communications World 2018 (CCW) in Berlin.

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