DXT3c compact TETRA switch

DXT3c compact TETRA switch



New TETRA server

A base station sized switch for easy roll-out

The DXT3c TETRA switch is as small as a typical base station. It is ideal for setting up radio network capacity for

  • Metro lines
  • Industrial installations
  • Airports
  • Public safety network
  • Utility companies.

With the DXT3c, you will get

  • High capacity for traffic
  • Great functionality
  • TETRA evolution
  • Lower operational cost (OPEX).

For your TETRA network, the DXT3c can bring the latest features.

Connects your calls faster

The DXT3c is fast: as a rule, the call setup time is around 0,3 seconds.

The switches and Servers from Airbus Defence and Space are the ultimate backbone for a TETRA network.

Get all in one package

Many other TETRA systems need a separate piece of equipment for every functionality. Things are different here. You get all-in-one capacity in the DXT3c:

  • Packet data gateway
  • Base station controller
  • Dispatcher controller
  • PSTN/PABX gateway
  • Mobile applications.

DXT3c compared to its relatives DXT3p, DXT3, and DXTA

DXT3p can serve

  • 32 base stations

The new server can serve

  • 100 base stations

DXTA can serve

  • 175+ base stations

More information

Are you looking for a powerful solution for your radio communications? Or are you thinking of expanding your TETRA network? The DXT3c can be the answer.

Get more details on the DXT3c compact TETRA switch - Download your free datasheet:

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