DXT3p portable TETRA switch from Airbus Defence and Space

DXT3p portable TETRA switch

Replaced with Taira 310 TETRA Server. Link here under.

Fully-featured and portable

The DXT3p is a telecom grade TETRA switch and it gives full functionality in a compact size. It is the smallest switch in the DXT family.

Because of the end of life for some hardware components it will be replaced with a new server

Look it up: Taira TETRA server

Use the DXT3p for a

  • Small system
  • Bigger system with several switches from the DXT family
  • Mobile system
  • Carryable system
  • Additional swith to existing network
  • Public safety network
  • Airport
  • Utility

Although the DXT3p is small in size, it delivers the same best-in-class set of TETRA features as its bigger relatives DXT3, DXT3c and DXTA.

It also includes all the functions of a packet data gateway, base station controller, dispatcher controller and a multitude of application connections.

The DXT3p has easily enough capacity to serve a town in a secure and redundant way.


Here’s how you can connect a DXT3p to a satellite:

Read this article now

Connects your calls faster

The DXT3p is fast: as a rule, the call setup time is around 0,3 seconds.

The switches and Servers from Airbus Defence and Space are the ultimate backbone for a TETRA network.

Worried about redundancy? Set up your system with two DXT3p switches and employ Dual Homing. Our sales representatives will tell you more about this option.

For more information about the DXT3p TETRA switch, contact us.

This is why the DXT family is so popular

The switches in the DXT family deliver savings in several ways:

Saves site space. This is because the DXT family can handle more subscribers per square metre

Lower operating expenses. The DXTs deliver performance with fewer network elements. The cost of transmission is lower. In addition, network management is easier and cost-efficient. The network and the IP elements can be managed from a central location. And there's less need for maintenance and hardware upgrades.

Less costly to set up. The DXTs are easier to install. They are scalable - you can extend the network and upgrade the capacity. What's more, they support various network topologies from fully meshed to hierarchical and mixed.

Clear future road map. The DXT family has developed primarily by software upgrades including new functionality but also every now and then when new components and processors have been developed, smaller hardware with even more capacity. This way of following the mainstream evolution makes it possible for DXT users to be on the edge of the evolution now and in the future.

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