Enduropale of Le Touquet 2019

    Enduropale motorcycle race

    SDIS 62 fire brigade benefits from new communication solutions

    logo_SDIS62Safeguarding hundreds of thousands of spectators and nearly 1,200 motorcycles at the start of the the Enduropale motorcycle race is a big security challenge. Those responsible for public safety during the event must be able to communicate at all times - in a secure and reliable way.

    The fire brigade of the Pas-de-Calais Department (SDIS 62) had a special opportunity to use new communication solutions during Enduropale. They used

    • a special tactical communications bubble that covered the whole area of the race,
    • smartphones and Tactilon Dabat smart devices
    • Tactilon Agnet application for effective communication and collaboration.

    The set-up

    To avoid using a 4G network that may be congested during a large event such as this, Airbus set up a BLR (radio local loop) tactical bubble for the fire brigade. This way, they had optimal, dedicated 4G coverage over the whole area of the race.


    The firefighters communicated using regular smartphones and the rugged, secure Tactilon© Dabat devices. Tactilon Dabat is designed for extreme environments to ensure communication and data sharing.


    The Tactilon© Agnet application inside allowed the firefighters to make group calls, track the location of vehicles, or share video with the team.

    The SDIS 62 fire brigade particularly appreciated the video sharing feature. This equipped them to send video from an incident to the command centre, where the commander would be able to assess the situation more accurately and organize an optimal, fast response.

    Behind the scenes

    What was the set-up and how was it put in place ?


    Chloé Maréchal, Technical pre-sales manager at Airbus, presents the critical communication solution provided to fire brigade during Le Touquet Enduropale Event.

    What is a BLR tactical loop?


    Jean-Bernard Loiseau, 4G Solutions technical manager at Airbus, describes the tactical communication system. A 4G secured solution was installed during Le Touquet Enduropale event for the SDIS 62 fire brigade.

    What were the expecations of the fire brigade?


    Thierry Herreman, SDIS 62 Information & Communication system’s commander, explains the fire brigade’s critical communication needs for Le Touquet Enduropale event.

    SDIS 62 and Airbus - working together



    Nicolas Galand, SDIS 62’s commander, talks about the collaboration between his fire brigade and Airbus for Le Touquet Enduropale’s critical communication setup.

    Photo gallery

    Enduropale 2019 - SDIS 62 - Airbus

    Collaboration between the SDIS 62 fire brigade and Airbus during the Enduropale race.


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