Airbus consortium finalist in European BroadWay broadband interoperability project

Published: 7 October, 2021

Elancourt, 07 October 2021 – The Airbus consortium has been selected for step three of the BroadWay PCP Innovation pan-European interoperable mobile broadband project for public protection and disaster relief.

Following the successful completion of step two last July, Airbus’ submitted offer has thoroughly convinced the Technical Validation Committee (TVC) and Lead Procurer for the final step of the program. The consortium therefore swiftly makes its way towards the third and final step of the innovation project.

“BroadWay is an innovation driven program to ensure interoperability by design, leveraging 4G and 5G technology, for Pan-European collaboration among Police, Fire Brigades and Emergency Medical Services with the goal to deliver enhanced situational awareness for Public Safety organizations.” Eric Davalo, Head of Europe for Secure Land Communications at Airbus explains.

“We are truly honored to have been selected for the final step of such an important project for European mission-critical broadband solutions and cross-border interoperability. By having been chosen, Airbus confirms its position as the European leader in mission-critical technology and solutions” explains Eric Davalo, Head of Europe for Secure Land Communications at Airbus

Two consortia; Airbus, and Frequentis have been selected for the final phase which is scheduled to start by beginning of October 2021 and will run until end of September 2022. The outcomes of the project will be available for immediate use at European or national levels.

The Airbus consortium is composed of Airbus DS SLC (France), Belgacom International Carrier Services (BICS) (Belgium), and StreamWide Technology (France). Pentatech (Poland), and umlaut (Germany) are part of the consortium as subcontractors.


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