Secure land communications / Crisis management

Crisis management

Secure your mission critical communications

Robust mission critical communications

You can rely on Airbus radio communication solutions in adverse situations. When you need to communicate to save lives, these solutions can maintain communications whether you operate in fixed sites or work mobile around the mission area.

Use cases

Secure communication

Organizations can communicate: secure communication within and also between civil defence, police, rescue, and other agencies and services in one network.


Convoy protection

Secure and reliable communication. To protect convoys, situational awareness and reliable communication are vital.


Camp and facility protection

Secure communications to protect camps and facilities. To maintaining situational awareness, you need a flexible radio communication network.


Relief operations

Secure your communications in advance to save lives in relief operations. You need a solution that is easy to deploy.


Civil defence

Protecting civilians during emergencies and disasters requires close collaboration of different organizations. Advanced, reliable communications are vital to protect people.



When the communication is critical for the fulfillment of duty, a reliable and built to need system is essential. Benefits of our TETRA+LTE network and the way it is built and operated support your operational needs.

Scales to need

The network can be expanded or reduced at will, while maintaining full operability.

Fast to deploy

Essential equipment can be transported anywhere and deployed quickly and with minimal personnel.

Built to last

Secure networks from Airbus offer long term reliability and upgradability for decades.

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