Tactilon Management for Tetrapol

    Discover Tactilon Management for Tetrapol

    Easily manage subscriber data

    Managing network, users’ data, access rights and other attributes is an important task. When there are thousands of subscribers, one just cannot do this one user at a time.


    Special Tools ar needed for efficient management of subscribers

    Tactilon® Management is a software solution delivers with its IT server. Tactilon® Management enables to users to create and modify right’s access of each Tetrapol subscribers easily.

    The Tactilon® Management tool lets you manage a mass of users’ attributes. You no longer need to manage the users one by one.

    Efficient tool, flexible, secure, and easy to use, the Tactilon® while answer to all your needs.

    3 big benefits



    • Secured access (“https”, “2FA”, one time password”)
    • Geo- redundancy
    • High available

    Cost and time saving

    • 1 device needed now against 60 before
    • Easy installation on standard computer
    • Centralized

    Easy to use

    • User-friendly interface
    • Data saved during 1 year against 1 month before
    • Multi search criteria





    Managing radio users is easier with Tactilon Management.

    Discover why in video.

    Watch the video —

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