TDM880i TETRA module

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Powerful data communications

Are you looking for a powerful device to transfer data over the secure TETRA network? This device would not have to transmit voice but GPS positioning would be a must.

Maybe you want to build a system that would track a fleet of buses, trucks, or other vehicles?

The TDM880i data module works over TETRA and easily integrates into a tracking system.

Track vehicles

Set up the TDM880i data module into each vehicle. You can track the fleet and see their position on a map.

Track their status

Install an additional status panel in the vehicle, and the driver or crew can use it to send predefined status messages to the dispatcher.

Or program the TDM880i to send its position at certain times, after a certain distance travelled, or as a response to a query message.

More options with TDM880i

Advanced I/O line functionality and interfaces

TDM880i can be integrated to work for

  • smart grid
  • telemetry 
  • remote control.
Check also the new TW1m TETRA modem for voice and data. This product has even more advanced feature set and more use case possibilities.

Find out more

Benchmarking TDM880i and TW1m

How is the the TDM880i data module different from the TW1m voice and data modem

Download the comparison table TW1m versus TDM8800i. You can compare the two product feature by feature and see the difference. 

How to be smarter about buying TETRA radios

Are you looking at how to buy TETRA radios for your organization or for your network?

Learn how to write a better radio RFP/RFQ and get what you need. Download this free eBook now!

Configure the TDM880i withTaqto® 2

Taqto is for smart radio management.

With Taqto your TDM880i module can be a tailored for its special task and required need. Also you can manage the entire fleet of TDM880i modules and other Airbus TETRA radios with Taqto.

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Download datasheet

TDM880i TETRA data module in details